Rajasthan officials beat man to death after he objects to their photographing women defecating in open

Speaking to The Indian Express, Pratapgarh SP Shivraj Meena said there was “heated talk between Zafar and others” but that it was “unclear” what happened later.

Written by Mohammad Hamza Khan | Jaipur | Updated: June 17, 2017 10:47 pm
Rajasthan, Rajasthan activist death, Rajasthan open defecation, Zafar Hussain, Zafar Hussain death, Swachh Bharat campaign, rajasthan women defecating, women defecating, rajasthan man lynched, india news Rajasthan: Pratapgarh SP Shivraj Meena said there was “heated talk between Zafar Hussain and others” but that it was “unclear” what happened later.

A 44-year-old man died in Rajasthan’s Pratapgarh Friday after being allegedly assaulted by the local civic body chief and three other municipal council employees engaged in the Swachh Bharat campaign after he objected to them taking photographs of women defecating in the open, said police. “We have lodged an FIR under IPC section 302 (murder) against Nagar Parishad Commissioner Ashok Jain and municipal employees Kamal Harijan, Ritesh Harijan and Manish Harijan following a complaint by the family of Zafar Hussain, 44, who died on Friday morning after an alleged assault by these government employees,” said Pratapgarh Station House Officer Mangi Lal Bishnoi. Jain has denied the charges.

The FIR was registered on a complaint filed by Hussain’s brother Nur Mohammad. “Some women… were defecating in open today at around 6-6:30 am near our Kuttchi Basti Mehtab Shah colony, when the Nagar Parishad commissioner’s car reached the spot, along with Kamal, Ritesh and Manish and others. The men started taking photographs of the women,” the complaint stated.

“My brother Zafar… asked them not to click photographs but the men started assaulting him with lathis, and punched and kicked him. He fell and died on the spot. All the people present at the spot, including the women, can identify the men who killed my brother,” it said.

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When contacted by The Indian Express, Jain denied the allegations. “As part of the government’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, we go around in the mornings to prevent people from defecating in the open and spread awareness. Today, we parked our car and were informing people about the ills of open defecation when a man rushed towards us, and started hitting and abusing our employees,” Jain alleged.

“He went home and we continued with our campaign. However, when we went to the station to lodge a complaint, we came to know of his death. We did not click any objectionable photographs nor did we assault him. He was fine when he left,” Jain claimed.

Based on Jain’s complaint, an FIR was lodged against Zafar at the Pratapgarh station under IPC sections 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty) and 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of duty).

Speaking to The Indian Express, Pratapgarh SP Shivraj Meena said there was “heated talk between Zafar and others” but that it was “unclear” what happened later. “We will be able to establish the cause of death only once the medical board submits its report,” said Meena.

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The CPI (ML) later shared an undated letter purportedly written by Zafar in which he detailed the alleged harassment of women by parishad officials, including “running after women, taking away their water mugs and abusing them while they defecated”. In a statement, CPI (ML) said, “Comrade Zafar himself had submitted a memorandum to the Nagar Parishad. against the campaign of public shaming and bullying of women for defecating in the open.”

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  1. A
    Jun 18, 2017 at 8:38 am
    saare MADER sod HINDUO ko ye bata diya jaaye ki Hinduo ke VAASTU Shashtra may BATHROOM or TOILET nahi aaate ............... ye Nusalmano ki pratha hai ki ghar may hi Toilet ho .................. jis TARAH se Dalit Ladkiyon ka rape hotaaa aaa raha hai jab wo KEHTO may jaate hai oooosee ko dekh kar HINDUO ne ye Muslamonao ki Pratha apnayee hai ............. hai koi M C desh Bhaqt jo isko jooothlaa de ????
    1. V
      Jun 17, 2017 at 8:33 pm
      I salute the man who, in spite of being old weak, dared to stand up against the criminals, to preserve sanc y of women. Unfortunately, we have lost all the morality in our society. Some of us consider it nationalism to photo graph our women in private-affair, some of us get kick by killing old, frail people, a lot of blind people support. In all the cases, false stories are created to dance over dead-body of the victim. Even an FIR is filed against a dead person. What a society we have turned into. What worst can happen to a country than loosing its morality and senses. In 2020, we will be a superpower of criminals - killing each other (some killing others for eating beef, some for eating garlic, some for eating pork, some for eating potato, etc), taking photographs of our women to under some Abhiyan, reducing poverty by killing poor by different schemes (like demonetization lead to death of 80 plus people), and so on. Whatever happens, our corporate world profits wl be at the best
      1. M
        Murali Nair
        Jun 17, 2017 at 5:49 pm
        It's sad if it's true that the man died due to violence from officials. The officials concerned must be given the strictest punishment. Now, having conceded that, we all know that Indians possess some of the lowest civic sense in the entire world. Breaking laws are considered normal and even a matter of pride. People routinely jump traffic lights, drive on the wrong side, will not queue up in a civilized manner anywhere and instead will push and jostle. Do we know any case where an appeal to the good sense makes Indians behave with discipline? Therefore, to bring any behavioral improvement, the only effective option is use of the stick. In the case of the extremely shameful habit of open defecation, I am sure a majority of the people who do it can afford to have toilets in their homes but do not find it necessary. Naming and shaming and other penalties have to continue. There is no other way to kick sense into us Indians.
        1. D
          Jun 17, 2017 at 3:50 pm
          No official has hit him. In fact,officials were abused and attacked.
          1. K
            Jun 17, 2017 at 4:48 pm
            Clearly you did not understand the article fully and you seem very biased in favour of the erring officials which is extremely unfortunate. It is a shocking crime. First of all taking photos of women defecating is perverted and a crime and to do so under guise of Swachh Bharat campaign is disgraceful. On top of that beating a man leading to his death because he objected against the disgusting and criminal act of the officials in the BJP-ruled state is a bigger crime. The Rajasthan government and the Centre must take the strictest action against these disgraceful officials who were taking photos of poor women who did not clearly have access to proper toilet facilities, and then these same officials brutally assaulted man who was trying to protect the women's modesty. Incidents like this will undermine Swachh Bharat campaign which is otherwise a good campaign.
            1. K
              K. Dutt
              Jun 17, 2017 at 9:30 pm
              Clearly, this is a shocking crime and criminals must be severely punished. The report includes two versions and both can not be true. So, the facts, the third version, if you like, must be established. Until then, raising temperature by agitating about what are obvious-inadequate facilities, centuries-old habits, lack of understanding of health benefits of sanitary conditions, etc., does not help. If the facts establish that the victim indeed was beaten to death by the muni l employees, why should you describe it as a "bigger crime", as the state is BJP-ruled? Now, who is biased? It would be a horrendous crime, no matter which party rules the state.
          2. J
            Jun 17, 2017 at 3:00 pm
            A classic example of Ram Rajya!
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