UP Congress leader sacked for calling Rahul Gandhi ‘Pappu’

"Rahul Gandhi is also known as Pappu by a section of people in this country. People of this country are witness to the fact that Pappu has never taken to lavish life style," he had written.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 14, 2017 2:23 pm
rahul gandhi, congress, rahul gandhi pappu, congress leader sacked, india news The sacked leader said he would never use such words for Rahul Gandhi. (File photo)

Congress party’s Meerut district president Vinay Pradhan applauded Rahul Gandhi but chose the infamous sobriquet — Pappu — usually used by the party vice-president’s critics. Pradhan had allegedly sent the post in the party’s local WhatsApp group that went viral in no time. He was soon removed from his post.

The sacked Congress leader, however, denied sending the message and cried foul. “This is an effort by some people in the party to malign me. I have not sent any such message. The screenshots being circulated have been photoshopped. I respect Rahul Gandhiji and would never use such language for him,” he was quoted as saying by the Times of India. Pradhan also said the party did not hear him out before removing him from all posts.

“Rahul Gandhi is also known as Pappu by a section of people in this country. People of this country are witness to the fact that Pappu has never taken to a lavish lifestyle,” the WhatsApp message reads.

“Pappu never took part in the parties thrown by industrialists like Adani and Ambani because Pappu knew that these people would only exploit the common people’s resources. Pappu could have easily become the Prime Minister of this country but he did not,” the message reads further.

According to The Hindu, district party spokesperson Abhimanyu Tyagi wrote to senior party leaders seeking Pradhan’s ouster. The disciplinary committee chairperson, Ramkrishna Dwivedi, sacked Pradhan after consulting with Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee chief Raj Babbar.

“This is an attempt to malign the party leadership. Other parties appear to be involved in this. It is also an effort to divert attention from the main issues, like the plight of farmers in Madhya Pradesh,” Dwivedi wrote in a letter as per Times of India. “Vinay Pradhan is guilty of violating the constitution of Congress party,” he added.

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  1. N
    Jun 15, 2017 at 6:05 pm
    To Modi's benefit, there is absolutely no opposition in the country. Hopefully, the opportunity is used to unite and thrive rather than divide and perish. INC has entered the last phase of its existence the party of yes men opportunists.
    1. Kustagi Raghavendrachar
      Jun 15, 2017 at 12:01 pm
      When a 25 paise worth leader of congress party can call the chief of army staff as sadak ka goonda then why another similar congress man cannot call Rahul as pappu who as a leader of the congress party set a record of sorts by loosing elections in a row and was s also responsible to shame the age old party by reducing the strength of the party to 44.
      1. Roby Mani
        Jun 14, 2017 at 10:48 pm
        Why does Congress not accept that Rahul Gandhi is the main reason for the downfall of the Congress and change him Such comments being openly voiced by his workers must surely give him the hint that his party men have no respect for him. But however the man is so dumb that he does not realise it, mainly because he is a Pappu.
        1. R
          Jun 16, 2017 at 9:58 pm
          Congress is under direct control of ISI, KGB and CIA. They cannot move a pin without their consent. It is critical for the foreign agencies that the family at helm keeps on controlling the congress party. Change in leadership to anyone not from the family is therefore impossible.
        2. S
          Jun 14, 2017 at 6:42 pm
          Ho ho ho.... ha ha ha ..... ultimately the truth is out.
          1. S
            Jun 14, 2017 at 6:33 pm
            PAPPU is PAPPU...... and today Khangrees can remove one poor Goat for accidentally spelling the name of Pappu, but tomorrow whole country will call him as "PAPPU, PAPPU.....".......... Probably Khangrees will sack "All INDIANS" and will migrate to stan...............HAHAHHA........
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