Rahul Gandhi now competing with Arvind Kejriwal: BJP leader Nalin Kohli

BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli also took potshots at Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav for backing Rahul Gandhi.

By: ANI | New Delhi | Updated: December 22, 2016 2:10 pm
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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday took a jibe at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi over his allegations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying he is now competing with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal just to be relevant in the media. BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli also took potshots at Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav for backing Gandhi.


“Look at the jungle raj earlier in Lalu Yadav’s regime and its return now. If he supports Rahul Gandhi then Rahul should think about it. Whether this is the kind of support he relishes because his politics has also undertaken a turn,” said Kohli.

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“He is now trying to be the new Kejriwal, any kind of allegation, nothing to do with evidence, no substantiation. Just make an allegation and be relevant in the media. His competition with Kejriwal is as who will occupy the top spot of this kind of politics. He is happy with Lalu Yadav’s support on his issues then it is good for him,” he said.

Another BJP leader Sambit Patra also mocked Gandhi, saying the latter is making desperate attempts to become the supreme power within the Congress Party.

“One has to remember that the Supreme Court is supreme and Rahul Gandhi is smaller than that. Rahul Gandhi is maybe trying to become the supreme power within the Congress Party (and) even in that he has not succeeded,” Patra said.

“The Supreme Court has categorically observed that the papers provided by him are not authentic. The people of this country are intelligent, they know the Supreme Court is to be respected and not Rahul Gandhi,” he added.

Earlier in the day, the RJD chief backed Gandhi’s assertion that corporates paid crores as bribes to Prime Minister Modi in 2013-14 and demanded a Supreme Court-monitored probe into the same.

Lalu told ANI that Prime Minister Modi, who is now completely trapped, owes an explanation to the nation.

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“Rahul Gandhi has alleged Aditya Birla and Sahara Group had given Rs. 40 crores to Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister is completely trapped and now he will have to give an explanation. If any BJP spokesperson comes up with justification on his behalf then that would be unfair,” he added.

The RJD chief further stated that the Congress vice-president wouldn’t have made such allegations against the Prime Minister without any proof.

“Without proof, Rahul Gandhi won’t say this…or any leader won’t accuse the Prime Minister of this. It proves that the Prime Minister was involved in corruption. I demand a Supreme Court-monitored probe in this regard,” he added.

Speaking in Gujarat’s Mehsana yesterday, Gandhi alleged that in the records with the Income Tax, there were notings of Sahara officials’ claims that they paid Prime Minister Modi nine times between October 2013 and February 2014 and that the total amount was Rs. 40 crore.

He also alleged that according to documents with the IT department, the Birla Group too paid Rs. 12 crore to the Prime Minister.

Seeking an independent inquiry, Gandhi said that he was raising the issue “on behalf of the country”.

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  1. P
    PN badri
    Dec 22, 2016 at 9:43 am
    Except horn everything is making noise like BJP leaders making hue and cry but not MODI raising eyebrows. Apex court partial exonerate PM is usual considering our judiciary always soft corner towards high profile politicians criminal acts. i.e YATHARTHAM.
    1. B
      Bijan Mohanty
      Dec 22, 2016 at 9:52 am
      Nalini Kohli,nowadays, gets hallucinatory dreams of all powerful Kejriwal instead of his own leader Modiji. Good sign that even hard core BJP leaders have placed Kejriwal in national platform along with other national leaders.
      1. V
        Dec 22, 2016 at 8:06 am
        Kejri, Didi and Pappu are seriously under the training of sthani Think Tank.
        1. vak1962 A
          Dec 22, 2016 at 7:44 am
          Baby Rahul could just be that much truthful to the equivalence of his, his sis' and his mom's genuine wish to be Indian by choice, by heat and by roots all these years. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;By the by, if Rahul want to be another kejriwal, i.e a liar without substance, so be it. Even there is political space to such madness in India and there will be some stupid junkies offer appreciation.
          1. L
            L. V.
            Dec 22, 2016 at 10:35 am
            P. M. Modi Ji has shine during his work in office all over the world. Our most respected Modi Ji`s hard work we can all see has made a tremendous difference. We all know too that it will take a few more decades of equal hard work to sort out India`s problems. We all see how Mr. Modi Ji has worked hard for Hindustan without taking any days off! lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;We must not forget that Mrs. Indira Firoz Khan gi and her family during her time in office kept India in shackles for many, many years. Her rule in India was more important to her and family than the country’s success. She carried on ruling India by dividing the Indian peoples in which we saw many communal wars in the name of religion and which also caused many hundreds of deaths. She then trained her family to do the same.lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;The Late Rajiv gi`s was the suspect of several scams? His wife Sonia gi, when she was ruling India had mudded India`s name in her dealings. During the period of her rule India was known abroad as “scam India” to India’s shame. During that time billions and billions was suspected as having been looted by her. Further there is the suspected Vadras land scam matter and I can go on and on and on. lt;br/gt;lt;br/gt;Now this Silver spooned-fed, uneducated boy, good for nothing ( Mr. Mr. Rahul Khan gi AKA Raul Vinci ) disappears for many months at a time in idleness. He loves to accused our great / Aderniya P.M. for every for doing good for the country. lt;br/gt;Jay Hind.
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