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Friday, April 20, 2018

Rahul Gandhi in interview: Anger, hatred by Modi govt will not convert into jobs, solutions

Rahul Gandhi said the Narendra Modi government is doing little to fix the growth in unemployment, which he claims is the biggest challenge facing the country today.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 12, 2017 7:46:38 pm
Rahul Gandhi, Congress, Unemployment, National Herald interview Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. (File Photo)

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Monday said India is in a “very alarming state of vulnerability” due to the rate of unemployment. He added that the Narendra Modi government is doing little to fix jobless growth, the biggest challenge facing the country today. “The biggest challenge is dangerously clear: not enough jobs are being created…,” Gandhi said in an interview to National Herald, a Congress-owned news website.

Gandhi said the government is using the anxiety and insecurity faced by people migrating to urban areas in search for jobs — internal migration — to spread hatred and anger against minority communities. “People from villages have been migrating in large numbers to towns and big cities, hoping for a better life and better job opportunities. The ideology that drives PM Modi, the RSS and BJP uses this anxiety and insecurity to spread anger and hatred. They convert this anxiety into hatred against Muslims, Dalits, other minorities and marginalised people forcing two people – brothers – with common interests and dreams to go into combat with each other. But anger and hatred will not convert into jobs or solutions. Once this engine of hatred starts, you cannot control it,” he was quoted as saying by National Herald.

The party vice-president compared India to China — which also witnessed massive internal migration in the last 40-50 years — which has created over 12 million new jobs a year in the last five years. “All the PM has given India is the highest level of unemployment we’ve faced in the last five years. One or two lakh jobs per year is simply not enough to meet the aspirations of our people,” Gandhi said. “Young people are asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi what happened to his promise of creating two crore jobs a year?” he added.

The Congress party sees politics as a process and has changed itself according to the needs of the times, Gandhi said. “This is at the core of the Congress culture, we listen to the people and make policies accordingly. The BJP talks but they cannot think. Worse, they refuse to listen.

“Our PM repeats again and again that the future is in the past. But you cannot build a nation on memory alone. We need imagination to move forward. Where is the imagination for India now? I see neither a vision nor compassion anywhere in this present government,” Gandhi said. “For a people so entrenched in the past and so frightened of the future, they don’t realise that gradually people will run out of patience for their hollow words and unfulfilled promises,” he added.

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