Gurdaspur encounter ends, all terrorists killed

High alert has been sounded across the border after the terror attack in Gurdaspur in Punjab

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 27, 2015 11:28 pm
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With the killing of all the three terrorists holed up inside Dina Nagar police station in Gurdaspur, Punjab government declared the operation to be over at 5 pm, exactly 12 hours after the terror attack.

SP detective Gurdaspur Baljit Singh was killed in the attack besides two home guards and another policeman. Three civilians were also killed. As many as 18 persons including three police personnel have been injured.

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In a statement, Deputy CM Punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal has declared that all the three terrorists have been killed.
He also commended the Punjab police to flush out the dreaded terrorists successfully who were hiding inside the Dinanagar police station.

Badal has also said that DGP, his team and SWOT commandos have done a commendable job and the courage shown by police officers deserves recognition.

He announced that the bus driver will also be honored by the state department who have saved passengers from the planned attack by terrorists.

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The state police has sounded an alert all across the border.

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5:34 pm: Home Minister Rajnath Singh to chair a high-level meeting at 6 PM on Gurdaspur terror incident.

5:00 pm: Terror attack over, all terrorists killed: Punjab police

2:40 pm: A high alert has been sounded in the national capital by the Delhi police with security being beefed up at busy public places and markets

1: 40 pm: Congress VP Rahul Gandhi has condemned the incident.

1:30 pm: SP (Detective) Baljit Singh was killed in the operation. Death toll goes up till 6.

10: 45 am: PM Narendra Modi will be meeting top ministers today after the heinous terror attack in Gurdaspur.

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10:43 am: A high alert has been sounded along the national highway between Jammu and Kathua, with checking stepped up at Lakhanpur which acts as an entry point tp Jammu Kashmir from neighbouring Punjab.

Meanwhile, the entire railway track between Jammu and Pathankot was checked with the help of dog squads and railway police personnel on Monday morning to rule out the possibility of sabotage by terrorists.

“The railway track in our area from Jammu to Pathankote is safe,’’ said SP Jammu Kashmir Railways Suram Singh. “Though we have been maintaining dominance on the tracks 24×7, we immediately pressed our dog squad and personnel to re-check it immediately after reports about terror attack in neighbouring Gurdaspur district of Punjab came in the morning,’’ Singh added.

10:38 am: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has said that both counter-insurgency and special forces are at the spot in Dinanagar.

10: 11 am: Army units from Gurdaspur and Pathankot are currently engaging with the terrorists. The Special Forces have already reached. The operation is being handled by a brigade commander.

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10:09 am: According to intelligence agencies, the terrorists could not enter J&K in view of multi-tier tight security involving police, para military and Army due to the ongoing Amarnath yatra, PM Narendra Modi’s visit and the upcoming Independence Day celebrations.

10:06 am: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal tweets on the attack.

9:53 am: Gurdaspur Civil Surgeon Dr Rajnish Sood said one of the cops had a bullet injury in the abdomen and the injury was being treated as “critical”. “The other six injured have manageable injuries,” he said.

9:51 am: At least seven people, including three police officers, have been injured in the attack. An encounter is currently on between the police and the terrorists. The Army has also reached the spot and is assisting the police to flush out the terrorists.

9: 49 am: Former J&K CM Omar Abdullah wrote on Twitter that the Gurdaspur attack is similar to the ones reported in the Jammu border belt.

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9: 15 am: The manner of taking over a car to attack a police station is also similar to the one which was adopted in Hiranagar in 2013 when three terrorists had stormed the police station there and then attacked a nearby Army unit.

Terrorist Attack in Punjab, Terrorist Attack in Gurdaspur, Gurdaspur Attack, Punjab Attack, Punjab Terrorism, Punjab Terror Attack, Terror Attack in Punjab, Gurdaspur Terror Attack, Attack in Punjab, Punjab News Today, Punjab Latest News People outside the police station in Gurdaspur (Express photo)

9: 10 am: Army units stationed in the Tibri military station in Gurdaspur have also been put on high alert and some columns have been moved to help the Punjab Police in their operation. BSF too has been put on alert all along the border with senior officials rushing to Dinanagar from the Punjab Frontier HQS of BSF in Jalandhar.

While initial reports suggest that the terrorists infiltrated from adjoining Hiranagar area of Jammu and entered Punjab near Pathankot, intelligence sources say the possibility of infiltration having taken place on the Punjab-J&K border south of Hiranagar cannot be ruled out.

“There are several riverine areas along with international border in this area where monsoon affords a possibility to cross due to swollen Ravi river and tall grass. The BSF too is forced to move back in these areas as their posts get flooded,” informed a senior military officer over phone.

Terrorist Attack in Punjab, Terrorist Attack in Gurdaspur, Gurdaspur Attack, Punjab Attack, Punjab Terrorism, Punjab Terror Attack, Terror Attack in Punjab, Gurdaspur Terror Attack, Attack in Punjab, Punjab News Today, Punjab Latest News A person injured in the terrorist attack in Gurdaspur being admitted to a hospital (Express photo)

9:00 am: The Punjab Police has sounded an alert in all police stations along the Indo-Pak border in the state following the attack.

Sources say that the Army has moved in its Special Forces troops by helicopter from nearby Jammu to take over the operation of flushing out the terrorists from the police station and neutralising them. Special Forces, bomb disposal squads and other support elements of the Army are expected to reach the encounter site any time soon.

8:45 am: Home Minister Rajnath Singh confirmed that MHA is monitoring the situation in Gurdaspur. He also spoke to Punjab CM Prakash Singh Badal.

8:30 am: Five bombs were also found on the Amritsar-Pathankot railway track.

(Inputs from Chandigarh and agencies)

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      First prime ministers warning to stan. not to make Indian soil BURRIAL GROUND for stan terrorists encouraged by army and I S I in killing innocent Indians on INDIAN SOIL.. stan has to stop terrorists training camps .the world leaders are looking at stan and they must pressurise in bringing peace in the Indian sub continent . JAIHIND
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        condolence to the bsf cops who laid down their bodies for the country leaving their beloved ones 24 hours vigilence needed at Indian boarders to prevent the terrorists entry into indian soil .bsf army personnels should protect themselves first in team sprit with intelligence during flushing out of terrorists, Indian soldiers are not born to become victims to stani terrorists pressurise Indian Govt to warn stan from Delhi .With regards JAIHIND
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          Maato ya moro.
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            cross border terrorism and organised crime should be foiled before this groups harm civilian societies.
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              Anothr plot to take away attention from the ongoing, more pressing issues in the country? Politics is a dirty game. God bless not only india but the w world
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                Kill all terrorists irrespective of their religion, colour creed or size. They are menace to the human society. They should be tackled I or outside our borders. RIP brave solders, civilians or police personnel who lost their lives. Their sacrifice should not go in vain
                1. A
                  Ambar Agrawal
                  Jul 27, 2015 at 12:47 pm
                  If we can use multiple drone (camera flying inside the police station) we can atleast understand the position of the terrorist inside and can save valuable lifes i.e. SP and other intelligence force people before hitting them without knowing how they have located inside. DRONE will be really helpful... I am sure.
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                    Jul 27, 2015 at 10:20 am
                    our security forces do not learn from past incidents.They only become vigilant only after any attack..then they forget everything after few days...
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                      time for NAMO to open his 56" chest and talks of Hot Pursuit, let's see if that was an election Jumla ....
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                        I'm sorry but terrorists don't roam our streets with guns like they do in yours. Don't even ociate our country with your den of robbers and terrorists. Jai Hind.
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                            Drones make lot of noise and are not invisible Ambar ji
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                              Time for PM Saheb to shake hands with Nawaz Sharif.
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                                    It seems most of my country fella don't know there's an old man on hunger strike for the release of sikh prisoners who have served their prison sentence over and above the legal requirement the people in Delhi have always been arrogant towards punjab throughout the history while the poor people of punjab paid heavy price. Is this once again government in Delhi trying to divert the attention from the real issues of punjab they will repeat the mistakes of indra and con-gress party of 1980s. Stop blaming stan a bad neaboure will always feoul the situation
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                                      Section 144 lagao poore Dinannagar mein - wahan se TV walon ko hatao - koi LIVE covrage nahin !!! Aaj Tak ya Samay channel mein khoofia spy log hai !! Saavdhaan
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                                        Details of Places and shelter could have been provided by local, and other information by camera lover public and over wise headline greedy journalist – todays live commentary was delivered by media they showed what was happening near police station, where police and army were and what were they planning (this was also watched by on border who were simultaneously attacking on the border. Whenever this kind of purge takes place, why those community leaders and their representative keeps quit and refrain from condemning (sadly wounded including Congress) from today you will see unnecessary debates on TV but none will condemn the incident and go on street protesting or at Ramlila medan
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                                          Sh. Kejriwal should ask Modi to give the control of Military under him, as Military failed to capture militant while crossing border.
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                                            The thing is we all know India is involved in terrorist aiding in stan mainly Baluchistan and Indian ministers openly saying using terrorist to counter terrorists and the same goes with with stan supporting J&K freedom fighter and Khalistan Movement but the main difference is that stan never blame India because there is problem in our side at first it was difficult but now we are over coming the problems but Indian never learn the lesson and cry like baby and do nothing in the end and your media oh man your media is the most unprofessional media in the world believe it or not but its the truth they would do anything to get high ratting and where are those promises you PM Modi made that we will never tolerate another attack like Mumbai what happened now where is he? I want Indian to clear there minds that no matter how much you want your Govt can never ever go to war with stan and conquer it its a dream you can never accomplish so stop dreaming and get a life. You ppl are so much brain washed that even your election are decided on relation with stan that man who spread the hate against stan the most is your next PM WOW I mean really? this much brain washed? stan is 1/4 of your size we have limited army we should be doing all this "Electing PM who spread hate against India" but no we are mature nation we know our problems and working hard to fix them so to Indian ppls please get a life and stop day dreaming first fix your problem then blame other.
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