Your ministers used to throw dust, now they’re using pepper spray to fool people: Modi to Cong

It's Modi's first visit to Himachal Pradesh after being announced BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate. (Reuters) Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack against the Congress. (Reuters)

Dismissing charges that the principal opposition party was blocking passage of anti-graft bills in Parliament, BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi today attacked Congress, saying its ministers were disrupting proceedings on the floor of the House.

“Your central ministers are disrupting the proceedings in Parliament. Normally, they used to throw dust in the eyes of the public, but now they are using pepper,” he told a rally, in an apparent reference to an expelled Congress MP L Rajagopal using pepper spray in Lok Sabha over the Telangana row.

Modi’s comments come four days after Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi accused BJP of blocking passage of six anti-graft bills, which form part of the government’s anti-corruption framework. The BJP Prime Ministerial candidate also said that Congress and corruption were like twins.