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With songs in his honour, Jaswant’s fans pledge revenge

The Manganiyars sing to him folk songs that once eulogised Maharana Pratap, calling him “Malani ro sapoot”.

Written by Sweta Dutta | Barmer | Updated: April 14, 2014 1:29 pm

Over the past few weeks, the emotional Malani populace has taken on itself the task of avenging the “humiliation” of “Daata”, as Jaswant Singh is fondly called in Barmer.

The Manganiyars sing to him folk songs that once eulogised Maharana Pratap, calling him “Malani ro sapoot” (son of the soil), and dedicate to him couplets that once praised local deity Maa Bhatiyani.

At 76 and on his 10th and final campaign, he hops onto a camel, makes a bumpy ride from one meeting to another in the desert, and braves the blistering summer sun without a grimace on his face.

In a constituency that he notes “is larger than a country like Israel”, his family has once again fanned out to seek votes, as it has done for decades, the women in their veils and the men with their route maps. Earlier they had hailed the BJP but this election they tell listeners that Daata has been wronged and with him the people of Barmer too have been cheated. Daata (father or eldest male member in Rajput families) and his honour must be protected after “Vasundhara has wronged him like a bandit”.

Wife Sheetal Kanwar holds fort in Jaisalmer, daughter-in-law Chitra Singh travels to the farthest villages on the peripheries, and younger son Bhupendra Singh chauffeurs Jaswant around protectively. “Ticket kati hai, haath nahi,” Chitra tells a gathering in Beri village. “It is a matter of honour. Daata laid the foundation of the party and now this is what they do to him.” The gathering nods in agreement.

Elder son Manvendra, held back by his duties to the BJP even after being suspended, stays off canvassing for his father but as a sitting legislator he cannot avoid social functions. Here they look expectantly at him, hoping he would come out in open support, but Manvendra leaves it at, “May the best candidate win.”

Hundreds of kilometres away, Jaswant himself narrates his story, village after village, meeting after meeting, how he had proposed Raje’s name for chief minister in 2003, how he had guided her, and how she has now denied him his last wish.

Jaswant has a plan in place, a core team comprising investment bankers, public relations experts and professionals who have taken a sabbatical to offer support to Jaswant, whose 15 Teen Murti Lane residence they had once unabashedly partied in. “It is time to pay him back,” says one of them. But it is no mean task to impress this perfectionist. “He makes you dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Not a word can be out of place. And with an elephant’s memory, he pulls us up if we miss out anything,” says Abinash Choudhary, a member of his support team.

Jaswant calls press conferences to preempt media speculation. He hands out carefully worded statements, invites questions, stays until the last one is asked.

He starts out with a presentation on him, his days as defence, external affairs and finance minister, his contribution in opening up the rail link with Pakistan. The visuals whip up emotions not only among the audience, but for Jaswant too; his eyes brim up.

The biggest challenge is communicating his election symbol, a battery-operated torch. The campaigners hand out pamphlets that highlight it at number 7. For Jaswant it had begun with a star and is ending with another source of light, the lotus he had flaunted now withered.

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  1. A
    Apr 14, 2014 at 10:43 am
    "For Jaswant it had begun with a star and is ending with another source of light, the lotus he had flaunted now withered." True!
    1. Kesava Chandran
      Apr 14, 2014 at 1:23 am
      Have had letter contact with Shri Jaswant Singh when he was finance minister of the short lived first BJP govt of AB Vajpayee.Shri Jaswant Singh personifies the Rajput Nobility and the Officer and Gentleman ethos of the traditional Indian army.he is and always will be a "FAUJI" at heart and mind.It is in the spirit of 'MAAN PAR JAAN that he has decided to fight and gain the Barmer Lok Sabha seat.As an admirer shall wish/ pray for his victory.
      1. L
        Leo Frank
        Apr 15, 2014 at 8:02 am
        Roblem was not Jaswant himself. But then a Man is always known by the company he keeps. He was very much a part of LK Advani's coterie who brought so much disgrace to the BJP as a party. Under Advani's leadership, BJP as a party could neither win Lok Sabha Elections (2004 & 2009) nor function as an effective Opposition. They were in fact accused of siding with the Congress for petty gains at the cost of national interests, many a times. Moreover, Advani and his coterie of a select few, always deemed their own individual interests more important and above all party interests. To them party-discipline was an attribute which applied to all others except themselves. To rid a truly secular party like BJP of such a blot, it was essential to show mirror to Advani first and subsequently to his sympathizers as well. And that is what the Parliamentary Board of BJP, under Rajnath Singh's leadership and RSS prodding have done precisely. BJP is now largely free of the old guards that came in its way of progress. And the public is sensing the same as well. Else how could have the party's credence shot to an all-time high under NaMo's leadership? A lot of introspection and correction has been undertaken to earn this position for BJP. Surely, NaMo is the driving force. But he is not the one who calls every shot. It is the Parliamentary Board that is calling off the shots eventually after hectic brainstorming sessions.