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Virbhadra Singh slams BJP leaders, says they’ve become ‘mentally unstable’

Singh said BJP leaders with little knowledge of the Constitution have become "mentally unstable". Singh said BJP leaders with little knowledge of the Constitution have become "mentally unstable".

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on Friday slammed BJP leaders for making repeated assertions that the Congress-led state government will be overthrown after NDA comes to power at the Centre, and said these leaders with little knowledge of the Constitution have become “mentally unstable”.

Addressing election meetings at Theog, Jubbal and Kotkhai in upper Shimla region, Singh said it seems that former Chief Minister P K Dhumal and his coterie have lost mental stability and exposing their lack of knowledge of the Constitution.

He said his Congress party had maintained the rule of law in the country, but the BJP leaders in the state are in the habit of spreading canards to mislead the people.

Taking a dig at BJP for propagating the Gujrat model of development, Singh said it was a “failed model” and Himachal Pradesh which performed better in matter of development did not need this model.

Himachal ranks second in literacy rate after Kerela in the country, which means that the state’s people were far more educated and more developed. Unfortunately, the BJP leaders were not able to judge and see the spectacular development that had taken place in the state, he said.

“It will be better if we send Dhumals to Gujarat as they are not able to witness development in Himachal and forget that the needs of states with different topography are different and the model of Gujarat cannot be replicated in Himachal,” he told a rally.

The Chief Minister said, “…with my political experience spanning more than half a century, I can foresee that the way BJP is spending huge sum of money to woo the voters, it is likely to pose a grave threat to our democratic polity.”

He said BJP was seeking votes in name of Narendra Modi, whereas Congress was asking for votes in the name of development. “It means BJP does not have any agenda nor issue to seek votes for,” he said, adding that Congress would win all four Lok Sabha seats in the state.

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