Unhappy over ticket distribution, BJP workers protest

Unhappy over the distribution of tickets for the Lok Sabha elections, BJP workers staged a demonstration at the party office and in Ballia on Wednesday.

Even as Congress MP Jagdambika Pal joined BJP in New Delhi, party workers from his constituency Domariyaganj and nearby areas continued their sit-in at party office  against his inclusion in the party.

On Wednesday, they had demanded that Pal not be given a ticket for the Lok Sabha polls, claiming he had engineered the fall of BJP government of Kalyan Singh in 1998 and later became the chief minister.

“Party leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee had to sit on a dharna against it,” they had said. In Ballia, party workers protested against Salempur candidate Ravindra Kushwaha by burning his and party presidnet Rajnath Singh’s effigy.

Two factions – one demanding ticket to former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar’s son Pankaj Shekhar and the other to former MLA Ram Iqbal Singh – held protests saying the current candidate Kushwaha was “unsuitable”.