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TRS chief KCR to be sworn-in as first CM of Telangana on Monday

Prior to KCR's coronation, Andhra Pradesh Governor E S L Narasimhan would take oath as the Governor of Telangana.

By: Press Trust of India | Hyderabad | Published: June 1, 2014 3:03 pm
TRS secured majority in recent Legislative Assembly elections by winning 63 of the 119 seats in Telangana region. TRS secured majority in recent Legislative Assembly elections by winning 63 of the 119 seats in Telangana region.

In a historic event marking culmination of the long-drawn-out process of the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao will assume the office as first Chief Minister of Telangana which becomes 29th state of the country on Monday.

The swearing-in ceremony would take place at 8.15 am at Raj Bhavan here.

The President’s rule which is in place in united Andhra Pradesh will be revoked partially tomorrow to facilitate the swearing-in of new government under KCR.

TRS secured majority in recent Legislative Assembly elections by winning 63 of the 119 seats in Telangana region.

Prior to KCR’s coronation, Andhra Pradesh Governor E S L Narasimhan would take oath as the Governor of Telangana.

Narasimhan, a former Chief of Intelligence Bureau, would function as the Governor of Telangana and residuary Andhra Pradesh.

After the swearing-in ceremony, KCR would attend the official celebrations of Telangana Formation Day at Parade Grounds here.

Speculation is rife over the composition of council of ministers of KCR and names of E Rajender, who was TRS floor leader in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly, T Harish Rao, who is nephew of KCR, TRS MLC Mahmood Ali, KCR’s son K T Rama Rao, senior MLA Pocharam Srinivasa Reddy and senior leader Nayani Narasimha Reddy are doing the rounds as probables to find a berth.

Among woman MLAs of TRS, the names of Konda Surekha, Padma Devender Reddy and Kova Lakshmi are reportedly under consideration.

KCR is reportedly considering expanding his Cabinet towards the end of the month.

The TRS government is expected to announce lifting the police cases filed against Telangana supporters during the separate statehood agitation and announce benefits for the families of those who reportedly died in support of the separate statehood demand, among the major decisions to be taken soon after assuming office.

The buzz is that senior IAS officer Rajiv Sharma, who is presently working in the Union Home Ministry, and incumbent Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma are likely to take over as the Chief Secretary and DGP of Telangana respectively.

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  1. Rational Thinker
    Jun 2, 2014 at 1:36 am
    What is the essence of your argument? Should Telangana not be formed or it can be formed but not with KCR as CM? What happened during Nizam's time is only history. What Telangana people want today and tomorrow is hope. . KCR won the elections getting votes from same OBC and Muslims you mentioned in a democratic way. He fought single handed and convinced voters to be where he is. Give him a chance and see what he does. Ponnala Laxmaiah was the OBC and chief of Congress party. He could not convince the voters to get majority congress MLAs or even himself get elected against TRS.Give the devil his due and hope for the best.
    1. Raveendra Reddy
      Jun 1, 2014 at 9:51 am
      Wish you all the best!
      1. R
        Jun 1, 2014 at 2:13 pm
        Let us all teleangana food eating public,netas and political parties, leadersand cadres involve at their respective village and district level to celebrate t on 02.06.14 and notwait for invitation from kcr/trs as kcr won by involving betrayers/bhagodas from all t-region political parties of congress, tdp, etc and jac-t leaderskcr is interested only in position than to serve t-peoples cause. the votin t -loyalty of of t-sentiment ofpeople are not same, hence for all t -people t -loyalty is above kcr/trs hencedump kcr and win-T. Hyderabad remains common capital for next 10 years for kcr.agenda of T celebration -will it includes honoring t-martyrs, sacrifice's families, meritorious students of t region in board exams, bonalu and bathukamma teams, jac-t of all types, folk artists and ms.vimalakka, t-writers etc with financial rewards, awards, and appreciation certificates with T-logo , along with the down trodden people of T-region from all castes and districts/villages. just throwing biryani packets & distribution like flood affected victims is not the way for new t-state to look at its own t-people. Is this way for first cm of t - state?
        1. S
          Jun 3, 2014 at 4:29 am
          My intention was never to make a personal attack. Im extremely concernec with the fate of telnagana and it now being in hands of someone who has always been very opportunistic in politics. i dont want to go into details , but you should remember that the prime objective is the wellbeinbg of people of Telangana. By this division and the way things stand now , telangana is staring at a bleak future with dwindling revnues, dismal agricultural growth, which is 80% rain fed, no industry anywhere except Hyd. no other developed city except Hyd....How do you think the state will survive? The only means of revenue for the state is revenue from Hyderabad and Excise(liquor). do you think these are sustainable sources with Hyderabad on decline? You can be ured of decline in Hyd because the invests are sure to go to teh new capital if special states is given to Andhra due lower taxes on businesses....KCR may be m leader but i dont think he is an able administrator. He isone of those Typical being wrote as in my previous post.Telangana is very diverse with distinct groups......and KCR is not a humble and inclusive leader and he may not hold them together for long given all his short commings and hubris......
          1. S
            Jun 1, 2014 at 1:59 pm
            This is a wish that is toogood to be true. Given the history, the agitation for separate states the no.of unresolved issues starting from division of employees, river water sharing,border disputes, ethnicity , the contentious decision of a joint capital, thehungry Politicians whose urge for lootnever satiates....And allthe above, the disastrous leadership in Telangana by a former Zameendar inerstwhile Nizam State - KCR.... one word KCR is a very self centered autocratic person with full of that typical "forward caste" hubris lording over the innocent oppressed people of Telangana whose demographic distribution is - 4% Forward Castes (Reddy Rao and Brahmin) 16% Schedule Castes, 7% - 9 % Schedule Tribes and 9% Muslims and 62% OBC...wondering how KCR, who is from a community which has only 4% representation still lords over the new state of telangana? Here is how.....Telangana was ruled by the Nizams for over 200 years while the rest of current Andhra wasbeing ruled by the British. During these times the Nizams were the princely state and owed allegiance to the British and paid taxes to the British in return of allowing them to rule the princely state. During these times the Nizams (read muslims) were a minority community and lorded over the majority (read Hindu) and further delegated the job of collecting the taxes to local Zameedaars who happened to be the only educated people (Reddy , Rao andBrahmin) who committed numerous atrocities over the common uneducated poceunder the Nizam orders. These Reddy and Rao always remained the land lords evenafter independence and they have always been the economic might in the stateand never bothered for the other communities who have always been oppressed sincecenturies by Nizams and these Reddys , Rao and Brahmins....And even 67 yearsafter independence and formation of a separate state , it is only these Reddys’and Raos’ who still lord over the state with out caring for all the downtrodden and opressed........PS: Naxalism and Proselytization are also the outcome of thethis oppression on various downtrodden communities for centuries.
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