The colder it gets, the further Rahul Gandhi stays away from Parliament

Does the weather really has a part to play on, possibly, the next Congress party President's attendance record?

Written by Leela Prasad | New Delhi | Updated: March 17, 2015 5:01 pm
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Rahul Gandhi might have been away from the capital but that hasn’t stopped him from making the news. Questions were raised over his sabbatical when the Parliament was in session and, quite recently, according to the Congress, he was the target of “government snooping.”

When the Congress announced that Rahul would be abstaining from the Budget session, just after news reports said that he would take over as party president, there was a debate on who would have been an ideal successor to Sonia Gandhi. The Indian Express also threw their hat into the ring and gave their two pence on who should be made Congress president.

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Far away from the high-decibel swaras of the RaGa debate lays Rahul’s winter session attendance record in the Parliament that reads like an Australian bowler’s strike rate trajectory: 52% (2009), 17% (2010), 17% (2011), 25% (2012), 20% (2013) and 45% (2014). And, according to weathermen,  the temperatures recorded on the coldest days in Delhi when Parliament was in session in winter were 5.2 (2009), 4 (2010), 2.9 (2011), 2.7 (2012), 2.4 (2013) and 4.2 (2014).

It appears that temperature, at a subconscious level, influences Rahul to decide whether to sit in the back benches or settle for a warm cup of tea, cosily tucked in his armchair in front of crackling fireplace. All that is figurative, but it does appear that he was in hibernation and prepping for the Budget session instead. His attendance nearly doubled in corresponding Budget session’s between the years 2009-2014: 77% (2009), 75% (2010), 30% (2011), 37% (2012), 66% (2013), 81% (2014), 0% (2015).

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Another member of the Gandhi family and the current party president Sonia Gandhi also has abysmal attendance record in the Parliament winter session. Sonia’s attendance percentages read: 38% (2009), 26% (2010), 63% (2011), 45% (2012), 30% (2013) and 36% (2014). In comparison, before becoming the Leader of Opposition, Sushma Swaraj had a 95% attendance record in the 2009 Parliament winter session.

It does appear that the Gandhi family has been blowing hot blowing cold over the idea of attending Parliament.

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Rahul’s attendance record in different seasons:

Monsoon: 2010 (42%), 2011 (27%), 2012 (42%), 2013 (48%).

Winter: 2009 (52%), 2010 (17%), 2011 (17%), 2012 (25%), 2013 (20%), 2014 (45%).

Budget: 2009 (75%), 2010 (30%), 2011 (37%), 2012 (66%), 2013 (81%), 2014 (0%).

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  1. A
    Mar 18, 2015 at 2:21 am
    Cant get up in the morning. Ha Ha
    1. D
      Damaru Prasad
      Mar 17, 2015 at 4:49 pm
      Why is the media writing so much about Pappu and thus prompting felling of more trees, adding to depletion of forest cover? But one cannot refrain from commenting on Pappu and his party which is known for leading that is exclusively ually transmitted. Wonder of all wonders India was deemed a democracy all these years in spite of the fact that democracy was missing. But media did not find anything wrong. Serious issue, this!
      1. D
        dr rishi
        Mar 17, 2015 at 6:45 pm
        We are aware that IE is funded by Congress. This and several such story about Rahul is planted. Work done by Every Govt are told good or bad by different group of citizen , some are praised by one section others are opposed . But Indian express doesn't find any merit in any work of Modi Govt. I started reading this news paper for last 2 months and really feel depressed about India in the hands of Modi. But when you take tour of other news source then you would feel that Indian express is paid for creating doom. All anti Govt people shall get opportunity to write in IE. But I want to continue reading this , in addition shall read one more newspaper so that I can see positive about India.
        1. K
          Krishna Iyer
          Mar 17, 2015 at 4:56 pm
          What is so great about Rahul hi that the media insists of keeping him in the lime light when the common man (who matters the most in a democracy) is just not bothered of him. who cares whether he is on sabbatical or on leave or furlough or MIA. The common man has a lot of priorities in his own life.
          1. M
            madan gupta
            Mar 18, 2015 at 4:15 am
            He is being breast fed by one of Congress woman.
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