Thursday, Oct 23, 2014

Tharoor sings praises of Modi, calls him ‘an avatar of modernity and progress’

Shashi Tharoor, Rajnath Singh, Ananth Kumar in Parliament, Wednesday. Source: Prem Nath Pandey Shashi Tharoor, Rajnath Singh, Ananth Kumar in Parliament, Wednesday. Source: Prem Nath Pandey
Express News Service | New Delhi | Posted: June 5, 2014 2:55 am | Updated: June 5, 2014 7:56 am

In high praise for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has said that he (Modi) has remodelled himself from a “hate figure” to an “avatar of modernity and progress”. He also said it would be “churlish” of the Congress to ignore his “inclusive and accommodative” outreach.

“Just as he remade himself from a hate figure into an avatar of modernity and progress, he is seeking to remake the BJP from a vehicle of Hindu chauvinism to a natural party of governance. This will mean a change in both language and tone, as he has demonstrated,” Tharoor wrote in The Huffington Post.

“…Modi has gone out of his way to avoid confrontational language, to omit issues… that India’s religious minorities would find offensive, and to extend a hand of friendship to his critics,” he wrote.

Addressing the media at the Congress office on Wednesday, Tharoor said, “The accommodative and inclusive language that we are hearing from the government must be welcomed. We in the opposition should not be churlish in ignoring that there is a signaling being done here…The PM himself is saying he will be the PM of all Indians, including those who did not vote for him…This is not the language we are used to hearing from him.”

Saying that Modi had perhaps evolved to Modi 2.0, he said, “But if Modi 1.0 re-emerges, and he or his government does anything that we will consider as divisive… we will oppose him robustly…”

Tharoor, however, added that Modi’s message had not trickled down, referring to the killing of a young Muslim IT professional in Pune.

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