Sabir Ali’s wife protests outside Naqvi residence

Two days after the BJP annulled her husband’s membership, wife of former JD(U) leader Sabir Ali Monday said one tweet by Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi alleging their terror links has severely hurt the family’s social life. Yasmin Sabir Ali, who sat outside Naqvi residence here in protest, said she expected some respect from him (Naqvi) when she went to his house to mark her protest.

Yasmin said the tweet has been shared all over the country and has affected her social life along with that of their children with whom she lives in Mumbai. She said their children go to school and such a tweet, even though it does not name anyone, is understood by all and affects their social lives too.

The couple have one daughter and five boys. The eldest son studies in Class XI.

Yasmin said, “My husband is taking up this matter through legal channels and I thought this is not enough. As my family has been affected by it, I too should meet and ask Naqvi to taker back his words. I went there expecting he will say a few words of sympathy and realise his mistake. On the contrary, he did not have the courtesy to come outside and meet me. I had not gone to his house with supporters. There was just one woman who came with me.”

She was detained by police and later let off.