RSS may ask BJP to ‘fend for itself’ in Assembly elections

The RSS doesn’t want the BJP to be dependent on it every time for electoral success.

Written by Vivek Deshpande | Nagpur | Published: July 18, 2014 4:19:26 am

Newly elected BJP president Amit Shah is likely to be told by RSS chief Moghan Bhagwat that the party must fend for itself in the forthcoming Assembly elections in five states, including Maharashtra and Haryana, without proactive support from the RSS.

Shah is scheduled to meet Bhagwat at the RSS headquarters here on Friday, his first visit to Nagpur after becoming the party chief.

“The RSS doesn’t want the BJP to be dependent on it every time for electoral success. It did raise a parallel supportive phalanx in the Lok Sabha election to support the party since the RSS attached a great deal of urgency to ushering in change at Centre. But it feels that it’s job is done and there is no such urgency as far as Assembly polls are concerned and also that it is not desirable to make it a systemic practice to proactively support the BJP in polls by pressing its cadres into service on the ground. The RSS feels the BJP must be able to fend for itself,” an RSS source said.

The RSS is also expected to extend its full support to the government’s programmes and policies, including the FDI.

“The RSS top brass have come to acknowledge the fact that India is a part of global village and that we need to go along with the rest of the world. Senior RSS functionary Krishna Gopal recently on record supported FDI in Defence. So, while on one hand they will allow dissent, if any, from the the Swadeshi brigade, on the other, they are in no mood to disturb the government’s functioning at least in the very first year of its term,” a source added.

Asked if the RSS will press for common civil code or Ram temple issues, the sources said, “not all so soon. Priority is for the government to be on a sound footing first”.

Shah against BJP breaking ties with Sena

Amit Shah will be closeted with state BJP president Devendra Fadnavis for chalking out poll strategy for Maharashtra, which will go to polls in October-November. It is gathered that Shah had categorically told the state party leaders at the recent meeting in New Delhi that despite demand from the ground-level workers for fighting independently, there is no going back on electoral alliance with the Shiv Sena.

A source said, “Shah said at New Delhi that the two parties have been together through thick and thin. So, severing ties with Sena is not in the fitness of things. At least the BJP shouldn’t take the blame for it. If Sena break the ties, let it be so. The most we can do is get the quota of seats enhanced.”

The BJP’s “one minister, one constituency, one day” programme for all 288 constituencies in the state had raised doubts that the party may be preparing to go it alone.

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