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Relief camp? What camp, asks BJP nominee

Muzaffarnagar | Published on:March 31, 2014 1:49 am

BY: Kartik Kumar, Yogesh Dubey & Nikita Sharma

Seven months after the communal riots in Muzaffarnagar, the BJP candidate from the constituency, who also faces charges relating to the violence, has denied the existence of any relief camps.

“There is no relief camp in the area, said Sanjeev Baliyan, who campaigned Friday but skipped Muslim-dominated villages. “It is a ploy by the government, which does not want Muslims to return to their villages. They have been given Rs 5 lakh with which they have built houses on newly sanctioned plots,” said Baliyan.

He said his main agenda is to weed out illegal voter ID cards provided to some residents and introduce a legitimate registration process. He promised a boost to the sugarcane industry which suffered losses due to the riots. Asked about Muslim votes, Baliyan said if elected he will deal with civic needs. “I expect to gather votes by highlighting development programmes to meet these needs,” he said.

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