Rahul Gandhi to hold roadshow in Varanasi on Saturday

Rahul Gandhi Rahul Gandhi

In a tit-for-tat response to Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi will hold a roadshow in Varanasi on Saturday, the last day of campaigning for the parliamentary seat from where BJP’s prime ministerial candidate is contesting.

Gandhi will start the roadshow from the Gol Gadda Chauraha and it is expected to culminate at Lanka in Varanasi city.

As per his official programme, the Congress Vice  President would be addressing a meeting later at Sathwan, in Chiraigaon block of Varanasi District.

The decision about the roadshow in Varanasi was taken after Modi broke the unwritten code and held a rally in Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha constituency Amethi on May 5 and targeted the Gandhi family.

Gandhi’s roadshow is being seen as a way of getting back at Modi as generally no top political leader campaigns in the political backyard of a top rival.