Rahul failed to inspire: Jaitley

Exuding confidence of BJP victory in the elections, senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley claimed that not only will the Congress be reduced to its lowest tally this election but will also have no role to play in the government formation at the centre.

“As the General Elections 2014 comes to a close, the logical expectation is that the Congress will be reduced to a double digit. I do not believe that it will have any role in government formation,” Jaitley said in an article posted on party website.

The senior BJP leader suggested “non-ideological” nature of Congress party around Nehru-Gandhi dynasty for its current weakness more so in the backdrop of “failed” leadership of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi.

“The tragedy of the Congress party is that it has converted itself into a non-ideological crowd around a family . I have always believed that indefinite continuation of a dynasty as a mode of leadership selection can be counter-productive for a party. The strength of a party is only as much as the acceptability of that generation of the dynasty. Rahul Gandhi’s leadership failed to inspire both the nation and the Congressmen,” Jaitley said suggesting that Congress has the tendency where “dependence should be made on another member of the dynasty” to make up for the failure of one member of dynasty. “We did see this happening during the polls,” Jaitley said in a reference to Priyanka’s campaign.