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Purnia rally: Modi takes a dig at Nitish, says his PM dream was reason for break up of alliance

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Modi took a dig at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi even as he launched an attack on the Third Front and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.  (PTI Photo) Modi took a dig at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi even as he launched an attack on the Third Front and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. (PTI Photo)

Rahul Gandhi is behaving as if he has come from planet Mars, Narendra Modi today said taunting the Congress leader for levelling accusations on others, instead of accounting for his party’s 10-year rule at the Centre.

Addressing a rally here, Modi also attacked Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, saying the arrogance of the person who claims to be the “most suitable” and “able” candidate for the Prime Minister’s post, was higher than even Mt Everest.

Referring to Rahul as ‘Shehzaada’ (prince) numerous times during his address, Modi said, “he is moving around the country giving sermons and lectures. Should he not give an account of the 10 years of rule at the Centre.”

“He is delivering lectures and accusing others as if he has come from planet Mars. Congress’ ‘Shehzaade’ should declare first whether this government belongs to his party or not,” The BJP’s PM candidate said while criticising Rahul for attacking others and remaining silent on Congress-led UPA’s performance in the last 10 years.

Modi accused the Congress vice president of not answering any questions posed to him on corruption, unemployment, price
rise and lack of development under his party’s rule.

“The Prince makes allegations but is not ready to answer any question,” Modi said.

The Gujarat Chief Minister asked the gathering if Congress government gave them computers or mobiles when they could not even provide electricity to charge them.

“Shehzaadeji, you claim to give them mobiles, but does India have power to charge them. Please answer. I want to ask you how much are you interested in India’s future,” Modi said citing figures that only 2 per cent schools in Bihar had computers.

Modi also cited example of other states with Congress governments. Assam, he said, had seven per cent computers in schools, Haryana 40 per cent, Maharashtra 45 per cent, Rajasthan (which till now had a Congress regime) with 22 per cent and Uttar Pradesh, where laptops were distributed to gain votes had only 10 per cent computers in schools.

He said against the national average of 22 per cent schools having computers in schools, Gujarat “which was being attacked and abused day and night over various issues had 71 per cent computers in schools”.

The BJP Prime Ministerial candidates took a jibe at Kapil Sibal questioning the Minister, who he said thought himself to be a reservoir of knowledge, as to where the Akash tablets disappeared.

“Where are the Akash tablets gone. Are they lost in the sky. Where has the money gone,” he said.

Taking a pot shot Nitish Kumar, Modi said the JD(U) leader is not getting sound sleep these days due to his dream of becoming continued…


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