PM’s chair BJP’s sole aim: Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi accused the BJP leaders of 'wearing masks' and 'shedding crocodile tears'. (PTI) Sonia Gandhi accused the BJP leaders of 'wearing masks' and 'shedding crocodile tears'. (PTI)

Accusing the BJP of spreading “misinformation” in its quest for power, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Monday said the BJP is only after the PM’s chair.

Addressing a rally at Nuh (Mewat) in Gurgaon parliamentary constituency, Gandhi accused the BJP leaders of “wearing masks” and “shedding crocodile tears”. “Unhe sirf pradhan mantri ki kursi dikhai de rahi hai,” Gandhi said, accusing BJP leaders of “galat bayani”.

Gandhi underlined that this Lok Sabha election was being fought to keep secure the constitutional structure. She said the Congress is striving to protect the secular fabric of the country. Gandhi said her party will struggle for unity in these elections to create a society that binds and not divides.

“We will fight for a country where it is not important what is our religion, language, place of birth or in which caste we were born, but we will fight for a country which is secular and where it is important that we all are Indian,” Sonia said.

She said the work done by the Congress since Independence was there for anybody to see. Listing NREGA, RTE and RTI as some of her party’s achievements, Gandhi highlighted law against manual scavenging and stricter laws to deal with crime against women as some of the good initiatives taken by UPA 2. She also underlined the right to health and right to home as the new promises her party would fulfill if voted to power again. “Kisi ke behkawe mein aaney ki zaroorat nahin hai,” Gandhi told the crowd.