Pawan Bansal attends many meetings on last day

Pawan Kumar Bansal in Sector 28 on Wednesday. (Photo: Sumit Malhotra) Pawan Kumar Bansal in Sector 28 on Wednesday. (Photo: Sumit Malhotra)

Meetings with party workers, interactions with people at their residences and attending numerous phone calls – the final day before polling was a busy one for Congress candidate and incumbent MP Pawan Kumar Bansal.

He started his day with a meeting over breakfast where a few people had gathered to meet him. Later, few local leaders visited Bansal’s house to update him about their respective areas.

Bansal interacted with party workers who gathered at his house. A tent has been pitched in the lawn of his residence where people waited to meet him. Some have arrived just to tell him that they have been supporting him for two decades and would continue to do so.

In between his wife Madhu Bansal reminds him that he has not taken medicine for his sore throat.

Meanwhile, some organisations also announced their support for him. These included the Christiam associations in the city. Bansal expressed confidence saying that the party would emerge victorious in the elections. “I have worked for the people of the city. As many as 10 new trains were started in one year which has not happened in a long time.

Schools have been upgraded, health facilities have improved and there are several demands of the residents that are under consideration,” he said.