‘None but Modi will be PM of NDA govt’

Rajnath on board his chartered flight. PTI Rajnath on board his chartered flight. PTI

BJP president Rajnath Singh on Sunday said Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister of the NDA government irrespective of its tally in the new Lok Sabha. “Modi will be the Prime Minister of NDA government under any circumstances,” he told PTI in an interview.

The BJP leader’s categorical assertion came in response to a question about the possibility of NDA falling short of a majority and any new ally insisting on a different leader, other than Modi. “The country cannot be ruled only by the laws but by a leader who has moral authority. Only a person who has been projected as the PM candidate or CM candidate will have that moral authority.”

Singh dismissed as “unnecessary controversy” Modi’s refusal to wear a skull cap (worn by Muslims). “I wear dhoti-kurta, he (Modi) wears kurta-pyjama, you wear shirt-pant. Is this an issue? They (opponents) want to communalise the country,” he said.

He endorsed the BJP PM candidate’s refusal to appeal to any particular community for votes. “There should be no appeal to any caste, creed or religion to vote in a particular manner.”

Asked about addressing the concerns of Muslims, Singh said, “We are gradually removing the apprehensions… Their fear will be removed through dialogue.”