Narendra Modi speaks in Lok Sabha, says change image of ‘scam India’ to ‘skilled India’

I am a newcomer in the House, forgive my mistakes, said Modi.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: June 11, 2014 5:34:41 pm
The Prime Minister's decision is said to be in keeping with his endeavour to trim administrative structures to make them more efficient. (Source: PTI) Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi. (Source: PTI)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is speaking in Lok Sabha responding to President Pranab Mukherjee’s speech delivered during the joint session of Parliament.

Here are the highlights:

# I am a newcomer in the House, forgive my mistakes.
# Everything thing will be done to implement the agenda outlined by the president.
# Will leave no stone unturned in implementing roadmap outlined by the President in his address.
# We will empower the poor to enable them to fight poverty and come out of it.
# The government should work for the upliftment of the poor.
# Education is the tool to eradicate poverty. The govt’s agenda is clear – fight poverty with a new vigour.
# I am not here to criticise any government.
# There is immense potential in our villages. We have to tap it by connecting with information highway.
# Time has come for India to stand tall.
# We are sincerely committed to bring down prices; it is our collective responsibility to ensure nobody sleeps hungry.
# Country needs real-time data on agri products to deal with price rise.
# Govt has to take strong action against incidents of violence against women like the recent one in UP.
# Security and respect for women should be the priority of all 125 crore people.
# The faster we get technology into agriculture we will stand to reap the benefits sooner.
# Women’s safety should be the top most priority of the country.
# Have to change our image as “Scam India” to “Skilled India.” We have to focus on skill development.
# Mere degrees will not help. Have to nurture skills of our youth.
# There is manpower requirement all over the world. Can’t we can fill that gap?
#There is no improvement in the conditions of Muslims. We are bound to work for their upliftment.
# The North East will be developed as a hub for organic products.
# We have to convert development as mass movement like Mahatma Gandhi freedom struggle.
# We have to do focussed activity to change lives of Muslims; they cannot be left behind in development.
# We should respect the best models for development from states.
# There should be a healthy competition among states to better on development index.
# Modi to Oppn: I don’t want to move forward without you, I don’t want to move ahead on basis of numbers but on the basis of collectivity.
# We don’t believe in big brother attitude towards states; We believe in Cooperative Federalism.
# There should be competition among states for development; I want to hear states saying they have left Gujarat behind.

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