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Narendra Modi needs to be treated in mental hospital: Sharad Pawar

Pawar says Modi is dangerous to the country and must be deranged; need to be treated in a mental hospital.

Jalna | Updated: March 31, 2014 1:15 pm

Making a no-holds-barred attack on BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, NCP chief Sharad Pawar said Narendra Modi needs to be “treated in a mental hospital” for talking “rubbish”, while a BSP candidate termed the Gujarat Chief Minister as a “barbarian”.

With election fever at its peak, the Maratha strongman made the personal attack against Modi at a rally in Ghanswangi in Maharashtra.

“Modi must have deranged as he talks rubbish things and he is needed to be treated in a mental hospital,” the Union
Agriculture Minister said yesterday at the rally while campaigning for party candidate Vijay Bhamble.

He said Modi does not know about the sacrifices of Congress leaders in the freedom struggle.

“Modi is talking about Congress mukt Bharat. Whether Modi knows the sacrifice and contribution of Congress in freedom
struggle? Because of Congress’ ideology, we got freedom,” Pawar said.

Attacking Modi for the 2002 Gujarat riots, Pawar said, “Members of minority community and Congress ex-MP Ahsan
Jaffari were killed in Gulbarga society, which is only 20 km from Ahmedabad where the carnage happened, but Modi neither
visited the victims’ family nor bothered about them.”

He said Modi is “dangerous for the country.” Joining the Modi-bashing, BSP candidate from Moradabad  Haji Yakub said, “The country’s most cruel barbarian Narendra Modi has been announced Prime Ministerial candidate. There cannot be anything more unfortunate for the nation than this”.

Addressing a campaign meet in Moradabad on Sunday, Yakub alleged that, “People of BJP and RSS during the struggle for
Independence by Hindus and Muslims had worked as informers of the British”.

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  1. Ravindra Anturkar
    Oct 6, 2014 at 5:00 pm
    Today's Khangress is very very different from Congres before independance , dear Pawar. Today's khangress in corrupt (Ref. Adarsha Ghotala (Do not worry somebody has already distro files with the help of fire) , Boforce, Coalgate Ghotala, DLF Ghotala, Sinchan Ghotala, Rail Ghotala, 2 G Spectrum Ghotala , Today's Khangress is enjoying at the cost of poor indians . See the huge black money problem . Who has created , Khangress only has created this black money problem.See the wealth created by Khangress MLAs, MPs , There is matchless growth of wealth .This is world record. Entire world put togather will not have black money to compete with Khangress's MLAs , MPs .
    1. Jay Sheth
      Mar 31, 2014 at 2:03 pm
      After six weeks we will find out who goes to the mental hospital Mr. Modi or Mr. Pawar.
      1. R
        Mar 31, 2014 at 6:48 am
        Only UPA can give peace, stability and economic growth.