‘My father too has become Stalin’s slave’

M K Alagiri, rebel expelled by the DMK, in conversation with Manoj C G.

Written by Manoj C G | Updated: April 17, 2014 8:43:23 am

How are you taking your expulsion?
It is very painful.

Why do you think they expelled you?
He (Stalin) fears I pose a challenge to him. He wants everybody to be his slave. A group has worked against me. They want to control the party. The party has the funds. They want to enjoy that.

Why didn’t your father support you?
My father too has become a slave. Whatever he (Stalin) says, he obeys. He even sits and stands according to his wishes. Even I am perplexed and not able to understand why he is behaving like his. He (Stalin) is blackmailing him. Everything will come out. He will be caught one day.

Do you wish to go back to the DMK?
Of course. In fact, It is not a question of going back. I am very much in the DMK. They have not sent me even a showcause notice.

There was this talk that you would form a party.
There is nothing like that. They thought I will do something like that. They thought I can be easily crushed. But I have my strengths. Many candidates irrespective of their parties are coming to me and seeking my support. Even AIADMK candidates are coming to me. Why should I form a separate party?

Will you support any party?
The BJP is going strong. Talks are on (about extending support). Chances are bright. Tomorrow, I am going to Coimbatore to attend a wedding. If he (Modi) invites me, I will meet him.

So, there is a possibility of you supporting Modi?
He is running a good government. If he becomes PM it will be good for the country. He is a great man, a good administrator. He does not differentiate between Hindu, Muslim and Christian. He is doing good for the people of Gujarat.

But Modi still carries the stigma of the riots.
I am not getting into those details. If that is the case, how can he gain such acceptability. Everybody is saying there is a wave in his favour… Everybody, particularly youngsters, is chanting Modi, Modi.

Has you father spoken to you?
No. Neither he nor I tried to speak to the other. He did not try. They dissolved the Madurai city unit. Why they did so, nobody knows. That is my main demand. Reconsider the dissolution. Some people were suspended for putting up posters. Stalin’s supporters have been putting up posters too, hailing him as the future chief minister. Why was no action taken against them? There is one rule for them, and another for us.

Will you campaign?
No. But I have told my supporters and workers everything, why I was expelled, why they were suspended and the unit dissolved, and asked them to do whatever their heart says.

Of the 40 seats, how many will the DMK win in your estimation?
Three to five, maximum five or six. But even five or six, I have my doubts. The DMK will be relegated to the third position… The BJP alliance is very good. Even Rajinikanth has extended some kind of support. My expulsion could also play a part. Some may support (the DMK), some may not. And because of all this, the DMK’s votes may go down. In Madurai, the DMK will lose around one lakh votes.

Do you expect to DMK to take you back after the elections?
Yes, I expect that. The time will come when the party embraces us again.

Why do you expect that?
Stalin will be the main reason if the party is routed. And after that… there will be a stage when many will leave the party. Seniors are not given respect in the party.

Have you been speaking to your mother?
I don’t discuss these things with her. Mother has nothing to do with this. She is not well. I talk to her regularly. I have also visited my house.

You have been a cabinet minister. How was your equation with the PM?
Good. He is a good man.

What do you say of the controversy over media advisor Sanjaya Baru’s book?
He is a good man. But Sonia and Rahul have kept him like a doll.

Is it true that Stalin was against the DMK allying with the Congress?
Yes. Had the DMK and the Congress entered into an alliance, prospects would have been bright… In fact, I handed over my resignation from the cabinet (after the DMK withdrew support) a day after others did. Even we did not know that the support was being withdrawn. It was all done by Stalin and T R Baalu.

Why was that?
Because Baalu was not made a minister. Baalu has been staging the drama right from the beginning.

What did you discuss with Rajnath Singh when you last went to Delhi?
He said it would be good if I extend support. He did not ask for support directly. I said I will discuss it with my people and get back. After that Pon Radhakrishnan, L Ganesan and people like Vaiko have spoken to me. The chances of me supporting the BJP are bright.

What is your view on the 2G corruption case?
The party went down in 2011 because of 2G. But Kanimozhi and Sarath Kumar are innocent.

What about A Raja?
(Laughs, pauses) Isn’t he the main accused?

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