Moditva claims its global relevance

The book is authored by Siddharth Mazumdar.

New Delhi | Published: February 25, 2014 10:00 am
BJP president Rajnath Singh. (PTI) BJP president Rajnath Singh. (PTI)

BJP president Rajnath Singh will launch a book titled Moditva that seeks to highlight his party’s PM candidate Narendra Modi’s “fourteen quotes” that were made during “his thirteen years tenure” as Gujarat CM to demonstrate how he believed in providing “actionable solutions rather than making abstract pronouncements” like poverty-free India.

The book suggests that Modi’s 14 ideas of governance are scalable beyond Gujarat, by highlighting how his ideas have been used worldwide from Ireland to Taiwan to Australia. However, there are examples that suggest their utility for other Indian states with different parameters.

The book suggests Modi’s “secularism means India first” is marker of his abhorrence of appeasement in the name of secularism and is similar to the ‘Napoleonic Code’ that came into being in 1804 after “the previous French Empire collapsed due to its policies of selective appeasement”.

The book says Modi’s governance has given more credence to “development politics over vote bank politics” and equated his practice to “President Abraham Lincoln’s legacy in uniting America” by winning the “hearts of a highly polarised national through his sustained efforts on universal development” with ambitious infrastructure projects.

On economic issues, the book suggests that Modi’s dictum of “government has no business to be in business” echoes “Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s economic legacy” while his belief in “economy with mass production by the masses” was reflected in his special investment region initiative suggesting that similar practice was adopted during “Deng Xiaoping’s reforms in the People’s Republic of China”.

The book is authored by Siddharth Mazumdar.

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