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Modi resorting to lies to become PM: Sonia

Sonia listed the UPA’s achievements during its 10-year tenure at the Centre.

Ramgarh | Published: April 5, 2014 3:33 am

Addressing a rally in Ramgarh on Friday, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, without naming Narendra Modi, slammed his prime ministerial ambitions and said he would “go to any extent to capture the chair”.

In an 11-minute speech to request votes for the party’s Hazaribagh candidate Saurabh Narain Singh, Sonia listed the UPA’s achievements during its 10-year tenure at the Centre.

“These things were not easy to do. The Opposition placed hurdles before us at each step. However, nothing will stop us from helping the poor,” she said. “Others say they will make magic overnight. Has it come to this that one has to tell the most lies to become the PM of this great country? There are people who will go to any extent to capture the chair,” Sonia added.

The meeting, scheduled to begin at noon, began half an hour late as organisers scurried to rally the masses to boost attendance. The fact that the rally happened at the same time as the Friday prayers did not help their cause.

Emphasising that the Congress does not lie to the electorate, Sonia said, “We have fulfilled each promise made in our 2009 manifesto. The same will happen for our 2014 one. We do not lie; we will complete each point.” Sonia without specifying whether she was referring to communal violence or the Maoist threat, said, “Any kind of violence is a threat to our social fabric.”

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