Narendra Modi Pak, US dono ko thhokega: BJP S Delhi candidate Ramesh Bidhur

RAMESH BIDHURI. Archive BJP’s South Delhi candidate Ramesh Bidhuri. (IE Archive)

The BJP’s South Delhi candidate Ramesh Bidhuri told voters on Wednesday that they must make Narendra Modi prime minister so that he can teach both Pakistan and the US “a lesson”. “Thirty per cent” of the country’s Muslims harboured terrorists, and Modi’s government would have “zero tolerance” for them, Bidhuri said.

“Narendra Modi ka pradhan mantri banke aana bahut zaroori hai. PM banke woh na sirf Pakistan ko thhokega balki America ko bhi thhokega. (It is very important that Narendra Modi becomes prime minister. After he becomes PM, he will teach a lesson not only to Pakistan but also to the US.)” Bidhuri said at an election meeting in Govindpuri.

Bidhuri alleged the Congress was soft on cross-border infiltration because it was scared of losing Muslim votes. “They think that Muslims in India still relate to Muslims in Pakistan, which is why they are not harsh on them. With the BJP coming to power there will be zero tolerance when it comes to such violations.”

He added, “70 per cent of Muslims in our country are patriotic. But 30 per cent still harbour terrorists and get away. There will be zero tolerance for such people. We will not think about vote banks as we cannot sacrifice the country’s security for votes. When Modi comes to power, he will make sure that all Muslims in India feel secure and at home. He will work on uniting Muslims with Hindus so that even Pakistan is not able to take advantage of the division that still persists, and Congress is to be blamed for the divide.”