Modi in Buxar: ‘I’m next door in Varanasi, call me if you need me’

Narendra Modi with BJP’s Buxar candidate Ashwini Chaubey at an election rally in Buxar on Wednesday. Narendra Modi with BJP’s Buxar candidate Ashwini Chaubey at an election rally in Buxar on Wednesday.

Playing up much-touted “Poorvanchal factor” and candidature from neighbouring Varanasi, BJP PM nominee Narendra Modi told people of “mini Kashi” Buxar that he was seeking election from the holy city to ensure development of the neglected eastern region.

“I am coming from Kashi for Poorvanchal,” said Modi engaging crowd in a conversation. “Aap awaaz doge, main sun loonga (I will hear your calls),” he further said, seeking to connect with the locals attending his poll rally here.

He termed the Lok Sabha elections as the “third battle of Buxar” because of the place’s association with two important battles in the Indian history — Battle of Buxar and Battle of Chausa.

The Gujarat Chief Minister, invoking Lord Ram at an animated gathering, said the concept of ‘Ramrajya’ alone paved way for present welfare state, but due to “poisonous” policies of the UPA government farmers have been committing suicides, and soldiers were dying in terror and Pakistani attacks.

“When some Indian soldiers were beheaded on India-Pakistan border, our PM had been serving chicken biryani to his Pakistani counterpart,” he said. Buxar region has considerable number of youth working in Army and farmers have been bearing the brunt of erosion of agricultural land by the river Ganga.

In his 32-minute speech, Modi also targeted Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi over his “chowkidar PM” jibe and said, “Shehzade says that he will make 120 crore people ‘watchmen’ to stop pilferage. His father and former PM Rajiv Gandhi said that of one rupee spent by the Centre for development, only 15 paise reach the targeted beneficiary… I will prove such a watchman who would not allow anyone to loot treasury of the country.” He added: “Main na khata hoon, na khane deta hoon”.

Seeking votes for BJP’s local candidate Ashwini Kumar Choubey, Modi said he chose to contest from Varanasi to be able to work for development of the eastern region. He tried to strike chord with farmers by promising a solution to soil erosion by Ganga. “Atalji had come up with idea of inter-linking of rivers, which is my dream as well”

Modi also attacked his “arrogant” Bihar counterpart Nitish Kumar for not sending farmers from the state to receive honours from Gujarat government a few months ago. “There has to be competition in politics, not enmity. But when one is too arrogant, such perversion takes place.”

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