Modi crossing all limits in misleading people, says Sonia

Congress president Sonia Gandhi Tuesday said Narendra Modi has “crossed all limits in misleading people in his bid to get to the prime minister’s chair”.

“Some parties are there whose main agenda is to spread lies against the Congress. Especially, the BJP’s leader is crossing all limits to mislead people. To get prime minister’s chair, he is creating a craze in the whole country,” Sonia said without naming Modi.

“It seems as if they don’t have faith in our country’s social, political and constitutional system,” she said at a rally here in support of party candidate Deepa Dasmunshi, who is fighting from Raiganj constituency in North Dinajpur district.

Sonia said it was a matter of concern whether the country’s democracy would be safe in the hands of such people.
She said that in the last ten years, the UPA government, under PM Manmohan Singh’s leadership, had done work to benefit all citizens.

BJP blocks access to its website in Pak

ISLAMABAD: People in Pakistan cannot access the BJP website as the party has blocked it in the country. However, its PM candidate Narendra Modi’s portal can still be accessed. “Error 1009. The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address (—-) on the country or region you are accessing it from,” says the web page when a person from Pakistan tries to access it. People can use the ‘virtual private network’ — used to mask their IP address — to log on to the website. The party, on its Twitter timeline, had recently put up links to a “chargesheet” it released against the UPA government, but even those links could not be accessed from Pakistan. PTI