Marital status row: Satpal Maharaj defends Narendra Modi

Defending Narendra Modi, who is under attack from Congress for shying away from acknowledging his marital status, new BJP entrant Satpal Maharaj on Saturday compared the party’s prime ministerial nominee with members of the armed forces who leave behind their wives to serve the nation.

Maharaj, a former Congress heavyweight who defected to BJP last month, in a statement said, “There is nothing wrong in what Narendra Modi has done. He had made it clear to his wife at the very outset that his life is dedicated to the service of the country.

“Those who do politics in five-star hotels and air-conditioned offices cannot understand this great emotion of sacrifice.”

Accusing Congress of not being able to see the “sacrifice which made Modi to lead the life of a celibate despite being married to serve the nation,” Satpal said, “For whom elimination of poverty is just a slogan or a poll strategy, cannot understand these things.”

Taking a dig at political parties criticising Modi, Satpal said, “They should look within to find many in their own ranks who have two wives but never mention the first one in their affidavits to the Election Commission.”

“Modi’s political adversaries should realise that first wives of such leaders also have to live away from their husbands and fend for themselves,” he said.