Manifesto manifestations: Six points on which the Congress and BJP seem to agree

 Ideally manifesto should have been released on April 1. Ideally manifesto should have been released on April 1.


1. On empowering SCs, STs

Congress: Assured education and employment for SCs, STs and OBCs, through reservation. Skill development vouchers and schools in every block. Affirmative action for SCs and STs in private sector.

BJP: A high priority for SC, ST, OBCs and other weaker sections would be to create an ecosystem for education and entrepreneurship.

2. On Goods and Services Tax

Congress: Introduce and enact the Goods and Services Tax Bill’s and a new Direct Tax Code Bill within 1 year.

BJP: Bring on board all State governments in adopting GST, addressing all their concerns

3. On economy  

Congress: Finance India’s Current Account Deficit through foreign investments – FDI, FII, ECB or any other kind of foreign inflow.

BJP: Barring the multi-brand retail sector, FDI will be allowed in sectors wherever needed for job and asset creation, infrastructure and acquisition of niche technology and specialized expertise.

4. On urbanisation

Congress: We will create 100 new urban clusters around small and emerging cities and link them with power and transport facilities.

BJP: We will initiate building 100 new cities,  enabled with the latest in technology and infrastructure

5. On corruption

Congress: We are committed to better delivery of services while eliminating corruption and leakages.

BJP: We will establish a system, which eliminates the scope for corruption.

6. On education system

Congress: Our aim is to give India the best education system in the world. We will transform “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan” to “Shreshth Shiksha Abhiyan,”

BJP: Ensure effective implementation of the Right to Education.