Mamata attacks BJP, reiterates TMC will play vital role in govt formation

Mamata Banerjee today attacked BJP "for causing riots", and reiterated that her party would play a vital role in formation of next government at Centre.

Keshiari | Updated: March 31, 2014 6:48:43 pm

Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee today attacked the BJP “for causing riots”, and reiterated that her party would play a vital role in formation of the next government at the Centre.

Addressing a party workers’ meeting here in West Midnapore district, she said the people should not vote for the BJP, Congress or the CPI(M) which she claimed had joined hands against the Trinamool Congress.

“BJP? No, no, no… they cause riots. Do not vote for the Congress also which is responsible for price rise. They have
hiked the prices of petrol, diesel and gas,” she said, canvassing for two party candidates — Bengali film superstar
Dev and heroine of yesteryears Sandhya Roy.

“Do not vote for the CPI(M) who only bury skeletons,” Banerjee, the West Bengal Chief Minister, said in an apparent reference to skeletons dug up near a former CPI(M) minister’s house in the district in 2011 which caused a political uproar.

“The CPI(M), Congress and the BJP are hand in glove… Bury the CPI(M), Congress and BJP,” she said.

Taking a swipe at the electronic media, she said, “There are one or two pro-CPI(M) channels here. And, the BJP and the Congress have got huge money. They are spreading canards. Say what is true. Do not resort to lies.”

Referring to her government’s success in restoring peace and development in Junglemahal, a former Maoist stronghold, Banerjee said, “Our government is providing rice at Rs 2 per kg to Adivasi families and provided employment and improved basic services including drinking water, roads and setting up of a number of schools and colleges.”

The 31-year-old Dev, whose real name is Deepak Adhikari, contesting from Ghatal, said amid cheers, “Please bless me… I received your blessings when I joined the film industry seven years ago. Now I have entered the new field of politics.
I need your support again. Please support Didi.”

Apparently referring to Maoists, he said when those, who do not believe in democracy, start having faith in it the
country will progress.

Later addressing another election meeting at Garbeta in the district, Banerjee said “If you give your vote to BJP then the CPI(M) has a chance. If you vote for Congress then the CPI(M) has a chance. This is their ploy. So don’t give even a single vote to them,” the Trinamool chief said.

Banerjee said she had not forgotten the past misdeeds of her opponents like the 2001 Chhoto Angaria massacre in the district where some Trinamool Congress supporters were burnt alive.

Claiming that her opponents were trying to scare her, Banerjee said she was not afraid of anyone.

She also blamed political parties for influencing a section of the media saying they were not showing news, but views.

“Don’t trust them. Trust me,” Banerjee urged the people.

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