Lok Sabha opinion polls: NDA ahead in most states

Narendra Modi said that Congress should now be renamed as Institution Neglecting Congress for its attempts in denigrating the image of Constitutional bodies. (PTI) The BJP are projected to sweep Gujarat, Rajasthan and Karnataka. (PTI PHOTO)

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The opinion polls conducted by the NDTV, in collaboration with Hansa Reaserach Centre, suggest that the NDA will win 229 seats, UPA 129 and others 130.

Overall, the Bharatiya Janata Party stand to win 195 and the Congress 106 seats out of the 543 Lok Sabha constituencies. The Congress might lose 95 seats while the BJP are said to gain 83. The NDA are ahead in most states, including key states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Small States and Union Territories are not mapped, however, NDA are projected to win 8 and the Congress 22 seats.

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