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On Mamata's turf, Narendra Modi asks: "You embraced 'Poriborton' but where is the change?"

New Delhi | Updated: February 5, 2014 10:22 pm
In Bengal, Narendra Modi said that time has come to bid farewell to Third Front forever. (IE Photo: Subham Dutta) In Bengal, Narendra Modi said that time has come to bid farewell to Third Front forever. (IE Photo: Subham Dutta)

BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that time has come to bid farewell to Third Front forever as he addressed his first election rally in Mamata Banerjee’s bastion.

Modi also hit out at the Congress and Gandhi family, saying “the family (Gandhi) denied Pranab Mukherjee the chance to
become Prime Minister in 1984 and 2004.”

Here are the highlights of Modi’s speech in Kolkata:

3.15 pm: Modi begins his speech in Bengali as he addresses the crowd in Kolkata.

3.20 pm: Modi says Bengal and Gujarat share a close bond since Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s brother spent a lot time in Gujarat developing textile industry in the state.

3.25 pm: “The Lok Sabha elections are going to be different. The calculations of the politcal pundits need to be proven wrong,” says Modi during his rally in Kolkata.

3.28 pm: BJP’s PM candidate hits out at Mamata government. “You embraced ‘Poriborton’, but did the change really take place? come about? Can you feel the change?” asks Modi.

Taking on Mamata, Modi says: “People of Bengal are known to be revolutionary. Why is agriculture not developing in the state? There is youth but still lagging in development.”

3.30 pm: Modi appeals the people of Bengal to do an experiment and make BJP win all the seats in West Bengal.

3.35pm: Narendra Modi promises to bring a wave of change in Bengal if the people vote BJP to power.

3.45 pm: Modi launches attack on the Third Front as he says, “The idea behind Third Front is to make India a third-rate country. Eastern states have remained backward due to Third Front parties. Time has come to bid farewell to Third Front forever.”

Let the third front see which way the wind is blowing. BJP will form the government after coming Lok Sabha elections

3.55 pm: “Why didn’t the Congress make Pranab Mukherjee the Prime Minister after the death of Indira Gandhi?” questions Modi.

Hitting out at Congress, Modi says: “Then again in 2004, Mukherjee was the senior most leader. But, Sonia Gandhi made Manmohan Singh the PM. Pranab Mukherjee should have been the Prime Minister, the family (Gandhi) denied him the chance to become PM twice in 1984 and 2004.”

4.00 pm: Narendra Modi concludes speech in Kolkata with Vande Mataram.

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