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LIVE: 24 hours electricity, gas pipelines top on Narendra Modi’s agenda for Bihar polls

In his second-leg of poll campaign in Bihar, Narendra Modi promises 24 hours electricity and gas pipelines in his speech at Muzaffarpur.

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 25, 2015 7:37 pm
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Patna on Saturday to push BJP’s poll agenda with Modi being the NDA’s campaign face. The decision to project no candidate for the chief minister’s post reflected clearly with PM Narendra Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah being the only faces in the first set of NDA hoardings that came up across the state’s capital.

Here are the Latest updates:

4:01 pm: PM Narendra Modi concludes his speech in Muzaffarpur.

4:00 pm: Modi says there is problem in political DNA of Nitish Kumar who practised untouchability towards him; asks voters to reject such politics.

3:56 pm: PM Narendra Modi mentions of Bihar package, he said he will notify about it in person soon after the Monsoon Session of the Parliament ends.

3:51 pm: The day is not far when Bihar will have gas pipelines, says PM Modi.

3:47 pm: I have come to promise 24 hours electricity in Bihar. If there is no electricity, how will you charge mobile phones and how will you see serials like ‘Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi‘?: PM Modi

3:27 pm: Leaders from Bihar state are running the entire nation. Maximum ministers holding importatnt portfolios are in this government are from Bihar: Modi

3:20 pm: I think Nitish Kumar was impatient that I did not come to Bihar for 14 months, says Modi.

3:15 pm: Aiming to make the country self- sufficient, Modi  called for tetrad revolutions of green, saffron, white and blue to boost production in agriculture, power, dairy and fishery sector.

3:00 pm: PM Modi continues his poll campaign. Speaks at Muzaffarpur now.

12:00 pm: Modi concludes his speech.

11:36 am: With easy availability of gas, Bihar’s economy can be revitalised: Modi 

11:36 am: If we provide help and opportunity to states, then our country will excel immensely: Modi in Bihar

11:34 am: Nitish ji is right, in coming days gas grid is as important as roads and rails: PM Modi

11:34 am: We already have Ganga, now we want to bring in “Urjaa Ganga”: PM Modi

11:33 am: Like a housewife turns on a tap for water, she will be able to turn on a tap for gas, this pipeline will enable that: PM Modi

11:31 am: In the energy sector the development of gas pipelines will change the economy: Modi

11:30 am: We want that world’s top faculty to come to India: Modi

11:29 am: If we dont give importance to infrastructure then we will lag behind: Modi

11:26 am: I believe that the youth of Bihar can give vigour to the entire nation: Modi.

11:25 am: Incubation centres will be a very important addition: Modi

11:21 am: For nation’s development we need to develop the states, we all need to work together: Modi.

11:21 am: Solution to these problems is only development: Modi

11:20 am: If we want to fight poverty then we need development. If we want to fight unemployment we need development: Modi

11:15 am: I hope some schemes for the State which are pending with Central Govt should be assessed and sped up: Bihar CM

11:13 am: Nitish Kumar: When honourable PM was CM, I visited his state many times as railway minister. Hope delayed rail projects are completed soon

11:10 am: Food, agriculture, engineering, aerospace engineering, architectural & planning, these are studies that should be undertaken here: Nitish Kumar

11:05 am: Nitish Kumar takes stage with PM Modi.

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  1. C
    Jul 25, 2015 at 12:34 pm
    Lecture series: 328....carry on please
    1. R
      Jul 25, 2015 at 2:42 pm
      All congress bhakts like you, who have been day dreaming for last 65 years. But have no patience to give others chance of 5 years.
      1. R
        Jul 25, 2015 at 2:50 pm
        Bihari brothers n sisters have given enough chance to RJD, JD(U) and Congress. Now we need BJP government in Bihar to see the difference. Please rise above your caste, creed and religion and give a chance to BJP. You have tried others for last 60 years. Give someone else chance for 5 years to see the difference. Do not fall for the minority/dalit/sc/st politics. It has destro our nation and we will end up a fragmented states one day with this politics.
        1. R
          Jul 25, 2015 at 2:47 pm
          Everyone here blaming Modi, should realize that state development is not his job? his job is to allot money and declare schemes which will help people. It is the local state government job to implement and get results. Development of Bihar is not Modi job, it is Nitish Kumar CM job. You cannot go around beating Modi drum and blame him for your pathetic condition in your state. Have you asked your CM on his performance score of what they have done and achieved in last 10 years? You were blind and mute spectators when you were fooled by CONgress for 60 years. With Modi at helm you want immediate results. Look at yourself as individuals, what good you have yourself contributed towards India as a society or are you internet trolls whose fave time p is to write negatives
          1. R
            Jul 25, 2015 at 3:08 pm
            It if foolish to blame central government for all pathetic situation in state. Why people do not understand that state government is responsible for their situation in state. Center's role is to ist state, give money to certain schemes and such. It is your own elected state government responsible to give you all basic amenities.
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