Jaswant Singh accuses Vasundhara Raje govt of misuing machinery, writes to EC

Jaswant has also expressed fears of booth capturing and bogus voting by BJP supporters in Barmer.

By: Press Trust of India | Barmer | Published:April 17, 2014 7:09 pm

Ousted BJP leader Jaswant Singh has accused Vasundhara Raje government of misusing government machinery during the Lok Sabha elections and has registered a complaint with the Election Commission in this matter.

Jaswant, who is contesting as an independent after being denied a ticket by the BJP, forwarded a complaint to the EC through his aide Rajendra Singh Bhiyad on Wednesday, alleging that the government machinery was being misused through various ways in favour of Sonaram Choudhary, the ruling party’s candidate from the constituency.

When contacted, District Election Officer Bhanu Prakash said that he was not aware of any such complaint and action would be taken if any such matter would come to his notice. Jaswant has also expressed fears of booth capturing and bogus voting by BJP supporters in some assembly constituencies  in Barmer and demanded that booths in Bayatu and Gudamalani areas be declared hyper-sensitive as there are plans of large-scale booth-capturing, and the state machinery is not paying any attention to these issues.

Polling is underway in Rajasthan with an average of over 40 per cent of total 3.48 crore electors having cast their votes in the first phase of the Lok Sabha polls being held on 20 out of 25 seats in the state till 1500 hrs.

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  1. D
    Dr Sabyasachi
    Apr 17, 2014 at 2:51 pm
    Our great country , Mother India has seen it all for the last 60 years ,it's a time for change for which Election 2014 has to decide the fate ........Let's not forget that Drops of water makes an ocean and " Together can and together we can bring the change ".Let our consciousness speak: -1 Who is actually responsible for the Division of India completely based on religious grounds?2 Who is responsible for the holocaust inflicted to Indians immediately post Independence and till date?3 Has anyone in the last period of 6 & ½ decades been accused leave been convicted for the atrocities & torture created against Freedom fighters?4 What is the reason of astronomical rise in economic power exclusively within one family ? Remember economic power itself can lead to system adjustments and manitions?5 Who is responsible for misleading India in the China conflict and issuing irresponsible Statement that we are sorry for the people of Northeast…the war is lost and we have lost Northeast?6 Who is responsible for the atrocities & torture inflicted to the citizens of Indians during the era of Emergency?7 Who is responsible for breaking the system of Rajas in India with hidden agenda but at the same time making a comeback for a single Dictatorial Ruler concept of Power to control India?8 Who is responsible for the macre in Golden Temple similar to the style of Jallanwalla Bagh…a National tragedy?9 Who is responsible for taking law in their own hands and for systematic killings of Punjabis in 1984?10 Who believes in Divide and Rule and is further escalating Communal tensions by allowing illegal immigrants to flourish better & Indian suffer in the w of the Country only for Vote bank Politics ?11 Who creates an opportunity for Vote Bank Politics with the latest trend been the AADHAR Card?12 Who maintains the inventory of Indian Wealth and why is there so much hush hush when it comes to bringing in transparency in accounts?13 Who brings Projects to yield another big economic Scam?14 Who thereafter has till date been accused /convicted for the economic Scams?15 Who is responsible for dividing India further every single day in the last rule period of approx 6 & ½ decades?16 Who has tarnished irrational economic & cultural divide by bringing special privileges to one section of Society at the cost of others?17. Why Development is so sluggish, without planning and the w of Governance and allied systems have become so corrupted?18. Why even basic amenities like Drinking Water, Sanitation are yet to be addressed in the w of India?19 Why accountability for any misdoings work in Government and allied sectors is still left unanswered?20 Why the practice of multiparty in Lok sabha elections is a call of the day. Infact for stability it should be two National Parties fighting in the Lok Sabha with all parties affiliating to one or other group before Elections. Horse trading and illegal practices can automatically be stopped.21 Why India is in actually far behind then Countries that were given Independence much later?22 Which party has been in the helm of Powers and has created a mess in the systems …call mismanagements, call ill governance, call corruption ….endless reasoning’s for a Country to bleed & die early.23 Which Party has been responsible of secretly erasing the essence of actual History replacing the same with complete pseudo and opportunistic History?24 Why the Country cannot be made a minimum Tax paying Nation?25 Why only before Elections the Congress has been developing the habit of bringing big and bigger sops to woe the Voters and fooling us and then Shut and forget the same post the electionsdia was once called as a Golden Goose…The invaders made us less rich but the 6 & 1/2 decades of one Party Rule has made us poor. Let’s not become complete bankrupt. To pen my final but not the last wordsI quote Former President of United States of America, Late John F Kennedy: “Thinknot what your Country can do for you but think what you can do for your Country”.
  2. D
    Dr Sabyasachi
    Apr 17, 2014 at 2:39 pm
    The truth is thatBengal is far far behind in all respects and aspects. Thanx to Politicians likeMamta Banerjee . Bengal went behind 100 years thanks to the Communists and nowis getting back to 1000years in history. The so called land of Intellects needs to decide .Lok Sabhais not a State Election...it is a National Election with completely different ideologue.The Gujarat Govt. has a clean and dynamic track record….people like Mamata Banerjeeneed not judge…The people will judge. Mamta Banerjee & Arvind Kejriwal -I pitythe people of India if ever either of you were to become the PM. God save India