Hunkar rally: I want to see Narendra Modi as the future PM, says Paswan

LJP's Ram Vilas Paswan is likely to share the stage with Modi during the Hunkar rally. (PTI Photo) LJP's Ram Vilas Paswan is likely to share the stage with Modi during the Hunkar rally. (PTI Photo)

BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is holding a rally on bitter rival Nitish Kumar’s turf on Monday.

BJP’s ‘Hunkar’ rally in Muzaffarpur today will mark the beginning of Modi’s campaign in Bihar. LJP’s Ram Vilas Paswan, who recently returned to the NDA after more than a decade, shared the stage with Modi at the rally.

Here are the highlights of the BJP’s Hunkar rally:

# Modi concludes his speech.

# For them secularism is appeasement for all, justice for none, for us justice for all, appeasement for none: Modi.

# For us secularism is ‘India’, for them its ‘vote bank politics': Modi at Hunkar rally

# Bihar has become a terror haven, thanks to state government’s ‘votebank politics': Modi.

# Modi slams Nitish, says Bihar government has no answers that’s why they keep talking about secularism.

# From plights of the farmers to inflation and poverty, our rivals blame everything on secularism: Modi.

# Nitish government is soft towards terrorism: BJP’s PM candidate.

# There should not be politics on terror, parties should bury differences to fight it: Modi

# Modi takes on Nitish Kumar, says Bihar government unable to provide jobs and electricity to the people of the state.

# It hurts me to see that even after 60 years of independence, the women are deprived of toilets in the country: Modi.

# Third Front comes up only during elections..Third Front parties work to save the Congress: Modi at Hunkar rally.

# Public never forgive hypocrisy: Modi.

# Narendra Modi welcomes Ram Vilas Paswan to the NDA family. “Paswan had left the NDA but our relations have always been cordial. Paswan is not a hypocrite, he never lied about his meetings with me,” says Modi.

# When I say NDA, I can see two faces of the alliance -one is national democratic alliance and the other national development alliance: Modi.

# NDA is expanding and it will continue to grow, says BJP PM candidate at Hunkar rally.

# This ‘Hunkar’ is to save the country, to get the nation rid of corruption and for political change in India: Modi

# Narendra Modi thanks the people of Muzaffarnagar for contributing for Sardar Patel’s Statue of Unity.

# Votebank politics is detrimental to the country, we need to free India from it: BJP’s PM candidate.

# People involved in the votebank politics will never understand the pain and sufferings left by the Patna blasts: Modi.

# Without peace and brotherhood, no country can progress, says Modi at Hunkar rally.

# Modi speaks about serial blasts during his last rally in Patna, says his rally was the target of political rivalry.

# Innocent people died during blasts, the bombs hit the ‘Sadbhavana’ continued…