Joshi dismisses reports of discontent with Modi over shifting from Varanasi

Dismissing reports of any discontent over shifting to Kanpur from Varanasi, BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi today said that there is a “huge wave” for change in support of BJP and Narendra Modi is on “top of this wave”.

“There is a huge wave for change in this country and it is a wave in support of BJP and Modi is on top of this wave,” he told reporters here when asked how he saw the so-called ‘Modi wave’ in these elections.

“Because without BJP there is no Narendra Modi. It is now a combination of BJP and Modi. The ocean and the wave. Without ocean there cannot be a wave. Without a wave the identity of the ocean cannot be projected. So this is a very important combination, an inter-dependent combination.

“The stronger the ocean the higher the wave. So for the wave to become high, the ocean has to become very strong and very energetic. It is an energetic BJP led by an equally energetic Modi,” Joshi said after casting his vote in Ardali Bazaar area here.

“When there is a wave in an ocean it goes very high and it changes everything.Modi as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate is sitting on very top of this wave and he is leading this wave,” he said, adding,”It is between BJP led by Modi and the rest. It’s not an individual”.

The senior BJP leader also equated the ‘Modi wave’ with the performance of Indian cricket team, saying that if the team wins with M S Dhoni as its captain, it would be due to the entire team and Dhoni as well and both would get credit.

Joshi, a sitting MP from Varanasi who had to vacate his seat for Modi, said hat he had no qualms over moving to Kanpur to fight Lok Sabha polls.

Dismissing talk of any differences within BJP, Joshi said the entire party was united and accused the media of creating controversies by asking “tricky” questions from various leaders including him.

Joshi said the decision to give the Varanasi seat to Modi was made by the party due to “pure political reasons”. “Well, the party decided it (giving Varanasi ticket to Modi) after taking into consideration all pros and cos and we thought that it would be seen as extremely beneficial for the party to give him a seat from UP. And the party decided in the context of election (that) Varanasi would be a good seat for him,” he said.

The BJP veteran was asked if the BJP wanted to send some signal to the electorate by making this decision.

“There is no such signal…this is what the media has been saying. This a pure political decision to benefit the party and to get a larger number of seats because we want to get absolute majority, if possible. So, for that possibility we changed so many things and this is one of them,” Joshi said adding, the party wanted to “cash on” the popular image of Modi.

“You see it so happens that we have one leader …continued »