Hopeful that Andhra, Telangana CMs will amicably resolve all issues: AP Guv Narasimhan

The Governor said that Chandrababu, who will be becoming Chief Minister for third time, would now have to build a (new) state.

By: Press Trust of India | Hyderabad | Published: May 31, 2014 7:06 pm

Andhra Pradesh Governor E S L Narasimhan on Saturday expressed hope that Chief Ministers of both Telangana and residuary Andhra Pradesh would discuss and “amicably” settle the issues concerning the two states after they formally come into being on June 2.

In an informal chat with journalists at the Raj Bhavan this evening, the Governor noted that both the Chief Ministers would have a “hard time” ahead but history has to be “quickly deleted” as far as governance was concerned.

“Both (Chandrababu Naidu of Andhra Pradesh and K Chandrasekhar Rao of Telangana) have a vision and a mission. They sure will have a hard time ahead but so far as governance is concerned, the history has to be quickly deleted,” said Narasimhan, who will be the common Governor of the two states from June 2.

The Governor said that Chandrababu, who will be becoming Chief Minister for third time, would now have to build a (new) state.

“Chandrababu will be building not a city but a state,” Narasimhan said in an oblique reference to the development of Hyderabad and Cyberabad during the former’s previous stint as chief minister.

People (of Telangana) have high expectations from Chandrasekhar Rao which he would have to live up to, the Governor said.

When asked about the bad blood between Chandrababu and KCR, the Governor said that it was one thing when sitting in a chair and another thing when not.

“I hope they will sit and discuss all (contentious) issues and find an amicable settlement,” he added.

When asked about his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi yesterday, Narasimhan said it was a 30-minute “extremely good and cordial” meet.

“There was eye contact all through. There was not a moment where we could look here or there. He (Modi) is a patient listener and astute questioner. He listens, understands and knows what to ask. It was an extremely useful meeting,” the Governor said but did not specify the issues discussed.

On the complaint made by Chandrababu about lower allocation of power to Andhra Pradesh, the Governor said it was done based on the consumption pattern.

“In Telangana, power consumption is more because of agricultural borewells. But major power plants are coming up in the two states and the issue could be sorted out,” he said.

About TDP’s complaint that all assets of the (united) state had gone to Telangana and liabilities to (new) Andhra Pradesh, Narasimhan quipped “the Governor is one and all of them (assets and liabilities) come to him.”

“I feel happy that they have gone wrong,” the Governor remarked, when his reaction was sought to criticism that he delivered “negative” reports to the then UPA government on Telangana statehood issue.

“It’s not for me to feel happy or unhappy,” he observed, when asked about the formation of the new state.

On attempts to create controversy over allocation of government staff to the two states, the Governor said it was only a “provisional allotment” that is being made now to keep the administration running.

“Once the governments are in place, the two Chief Ministers can constitute a committee to look into any disputes,” he added.

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  1. F
    May 31, 2014 at 4:04 pm
    If all ets have gone to Telangana its because of Hyderabad (not rest of telangana). GOD does justice. If SA politicians had done inclusive growth (without partiallity to telangana) this wouldn't have happened. If Telangana wasn't looted, their jobs weren't taken forcefully by SA people by political means,,,, this wouldnt have happened.
    1. R
      Jun 1, 2014 at 11:29 am
      telangana was served on a platter for kcr thanks to congresshigh command's trusting a cheater who himself is not a born telanganite bloodand a dumped settler from other region. It is pity that, the t-congress netasalso betra their party and high command . congress T netas sucked kcr'sL.... and not exposed his bogus fast, nepotism and selfishness towards welfareof his family, disproportionate ets - farm house and other labour cases and his not attendingparliament and unrest of ap embly and sufferings of students and academicsloss of exams etc due to t-unrests and protests summery suffering of t people, students, youth. Lawyers etc gave KCR t-cm seat and on his own kcr is not capable ofgetting even his family votes also . other parties should have been show on videos to allvillagers and T people how his provocative and hate speeches youth and students, lawyers resulted in their detentions-arrests and unnatural deaths, immolation and sufferingsalong with then talli telugu cadre death which emboldened kcr nautaki inpublic. just see now the fate of t martyrs/t-students? Look how TDP/BJP put KCRin control and check?At least in by pollsof medak t-congress show kcr cheating..Madam sonia hi must have realized ber mistake of taking familyphoto with the kcr family .kcr cheated and betra madam sonia hi andcongress party which moved entire unionministries to get t-done hastily and now repenting in leisure for trustingkcr-trs the traitor of the nation. I feel the t-congress netas are spine lessand do not have any party/national pride that they allowed kcr/trs to make themdoormats and walk over them by bending their backs just by verbal attacks. kcrshould fear the national parties buthere it was reverse, mainly because congress netas never bothered to influenceand take over the cadre of trs into their fold by what ever means- money-power-fear etc now itis not easy for kcr to cheat bjp-nda at center like italian high command ofcongress anymore. look at kk betra congress now rajya sabha mp of seemandhrainterests and KVP followed jagan and now mp for T region. God will curse kcr for betrayal and cheating to congress highcommand -a women and T-people by bogus fast act of deceit at NIMS and kcr willsuffer mive paralysis and heart attack sooner and his count down to grave isstarted. watch this.......