Gadkari withdraws defamation case against Tewari

Congress leader Manish Tewari has tendered an unconditional apology to Nitin Gadkari in connection with his charge against him in the Adarsh housing scam, following which the BJP leader withdrew a defamation case against him.

“Tewari has tendered an apology after which Gadkari has withdrawn the defamation case,” Gadkari’s lawyer Rameshwar Gite said.’

In a letter to Gadkari, Tewari said, “I understand that by such statements, you have to suffer huge disrepute and have to face an uncomfortable situation within the party and the society. Therefore, by this communication, I tender my unconditional apology for the allegations made against you.”

Tewari also said that in the future, he would not make any comments against Gadkari with regards to the Adarsh Society. Tewari also requested Gadkari to withdraw the case filed in the local magistrate’s court.

Gadkari filed the case in December, 2010 when Tiwari, as Congress spokesperson, had accused him of holding a benami flat in the scam-tainted Adarsh Society.

The local court had taken cognizance of Gadkari’s complaint last month.