Nitin Gadkari sees casteism in Bihar DNA, then says he meant ‘political’ DNA

BJP hopes to sweep Vidarbha’s 10 seats, including Nagpur where Nitin Gadkari is contesting his first election. A look at the politics of the Maharashtra region. BJP's Nitin Gadkari kicked up a storm by saying there is casteism in Bihar DNA.

Former BJP National president Nitin Gadkari kicked off controversy by saying that “there is casteism in Bihar DNA. He, however, soon retracted saying he “meant political DNA” of Bihar.

Gadkari had made the controversial statement this morning at Patna while discussing “caste-ridden” politics of the state. “There is cateism in DNA of Bihar”, he said.

With JD (U) and Congress targeting Gadkari and calling his statement an “insult to Bihar people”, Gadkari said he had meant political DNA and did not mean offence to any one.