‘Failure to cultivate grassroots leaders hit Cong’

than corruption, it is good governance that is the issue.”

On “drawing room” politicians

“Drawing-room politics can’t help us win votes. Ultimately, it is grassroots politics that does. That is what we need to address. And, also, the party will have to be reorganised, right to the grassroots level. We always knew what was happening in Tamil Nadu. Right from 2009, we knew what was happening in Andhra Pradesh. We were aware of what was wrong in Uttar Pradesh. But we didn’t take a single step to reorganise our structure in these states. Our people, whosoever was put in charge of these states, were not made accountable for the failures. They were, in fact, rewarded. I know of one leader who brought the party down to five seats and was made a Lt Governor. We seem to reward people who fail. There has to be proper reward and punishment.”