May 5 elections roundup: Modi insulted my ‘martyred’ father Rajiv, Amethi will never forgive him, says Priyanka Gandhi

pm: “When former Prime Minister Narasimha Rao died, Soniaji did not allow funeral in Delhi out of her anger, just like Bahadur Shah Zafar was not given allowed to be buried by British,” says Modi.

5.16 pm: Modi accuses Sonia of playing ‘politics of anger’. “Once senior Congress leader Sitaram Kesri, was insulted, thrown out of the party because of the anger of Sonia ji. Now tell me who does politics of anger, asks Modi.

5.14 pm: Modi says he has political rivalry with Mulayam Singh, but “I will request him to cooperate with me for Amethi’s farmers.”

5.10 pm: In Amethi, Modi says Rahul Gandhi indeed is following his father Rajiv Gandhi’s footsteps.

5.06 pm: Narendra Modi alleges that Congress will try to buy votes in Amethi. “Congress cars have left. The cars have a lot of ‘Maal’ in them,” says Modi in Amethi.

5.05 pm: They have looted the nation in the name of the poor, but they never thought that a ‘chaiwala’ will challenge them: Modi in Amethi.

4.59 pm: I had said ‘dil maange more’ and I will again say ‘yeh dil maange more’ as the one who asks is better than those who loot: Modi in Amethi.

4.55 pm: Modi hits back at Priyanka Gandhi, says one of the political leaders asks ‘who is Smriti Irani’. “Their arrogance has reached a new level that they lost thought process.”

4.53 pm: I have not come here to abuse anyone but to share your grievances: Modi in Amethi.

4.50 pm: Modi takes on Rahul, says: “They question Gujarat’s development model wherever they go, but do they have the courage to ask what is happening in Amethi.”

4.45 pm: I have not come here to indulge in ‘revenge politics’… “I have not come for the politics of revenge, I am here for politics of change,” says Modi in Amethi.

4.42 pm: I have sent Smriti to reduce the problems of Amethi and not to trouble Rahul Gandhi: Modi in Amethi.

4.40 pm: In Amethi, Modi says nothing can save ‘mother-son’ government, all political pundits will be proved wrong.

4.38 pm: Modi addresses Smriti Irani as his ‘behen’.

4.37 pm: Narendra Modi campaigns for Smriti Irani at Amethi rally.

4.35 pm: Smriti says Amethi wants to be part of the wave of change that is taking place in the nation.

4.30 pm: In Amethi, BJP candidate Smriti Irani takes on Rahul Gandhi, says the leader who talks about women empowerment has not worked for girls’ education.

4.15 pm: Mulayam Singh Yadav hit out at Narendra Modi saying the BJP prime ministerial candidate is desperate to form government at the centre but he is afraid of the Samajwadi Party.

3:30 pm:  BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi may have decided to address a rally on the last day of campaigning in this Gandhi bastion today, but his virtual presence here had begun months earlier.

3:00 pm: Amid reports that some Congress leaders were not keen to continue support to the JMM-led ruling coalition, Chief Minister Hemant Soren today said his government was stable and schemes were being executed speedily.

1:15 pm: Detailed security arrangements in coordination with Gujarat police have been put in place by local authorities …continued »