April 9 Campaign roundup: Gujarat model “balloon” will burst the same way as ‘India Shining’, says Rahul

Modi is declaring that he would deal with the menace of black money when he becomes the Prime Minister. Modi is declaring that he would deal with the menace of black money when he becomes the Prime Minister.

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10:00 pm: Rahul Gandhi today said the “balloon” of Gujarat model of development will burst the same way as ‘India Shining’ did in 2004.

8:50 pm: Rajnath demands apology from CM for “narhantak” jibe at Modi.

8:25 pm: BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi today compared the conditions under the “dynastic politics” to those during the Mughal era.

6: 33 pm:
BJP spending crores on campaigning, said Akhilesh Yadav.

6: 18 pm:  Fight for Muslim votes challenging Indian nationhood, said BJP.

6: 01 pm: Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday met Police Commissioner B S Bassi and asked him to track down the mastermind behind the recent attacks on him.

5: 42 pm: BJP manifesto aims all-round development, says Radhakrishnan.

5: 35 pm: Arvind Kejriwal enacting drama to hog attention, sympathy, said V K Malhotra.

5: 27 pm: No wave in favour of BJP or Narendra Modi, says senior Congress leader.

5: 10 pm: Country does not trust Congress: Narendra Modi.

5: 01 pm:  BJP on Thursday expressed hope that it will win all the seven Lok Sabha seats in the national capital if voting percentage increases in the election.

4: 24 pm: Voting in 7 high-voltage Lok Sabha seats in Delhi on Thursday.

4: 20 pm: Stage set for polling in 10 LS seats of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

4: 17 pm: Congress MLA joins BJP ahead of LS polls in MP.

4: 10 pm: Congress withdraws candidates from two Assembly seats in Bihar.

3:49 pm: Narendra Modi addresses a rally in Solapur, Maharashtra.

3: 46 pm: Chandrababu Naidu to re-contest from Kuppam Assembly seat.

3.16 pm: There are many questionable decisions & deals of the Gujarat government for the exploration of oil and gas, says Congress.

3.04 pm:

2.49 pm:

2.39 pm:

2.34 pm: The Election Commission seeks report from Uttar Pradesh poll authorities on controversial remarks made by Azam Khan.

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