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CPI mouthpiece calls for merger of Communist parties

The editorial appeared in Janayugam daily on Tuesday The editorial appeared in Janayugam daily on Tuesday
Written by Shaju Philip | Published on:May 20, 2014 1:58 pm

In an editorial, CPI mouthpiece Janayugam daily on Tuesday opined that the prevailing political situation in the country demanded the merger of communist parties.

The editorial said the sympathisers of the Communist movement were pained at the varied degeneration both parties had undergone after the split. “The loss of votes in traditional strongholds is a reflection of that pain. Both the CPI (M) and the CPI could pass time by boasting over their vote share in this election. That would pamper only the vested interest of the institutionalised paraphernalia. At this critical juncture, Communists should be guided by the class interest of the poor people. The issues and points of discord that led to the split in the party 50 years back are not relevant now.”

It said people who have reposed their faith in the Communist movement are looking forward whether the CPI (M) and CPI could move towards that aim of merger. The future of the Indian Communist movement depends on the answer to that question.

Both CPI (M) and CPI had recorded their worst ever performance in the  concluded general elections.

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