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Congress slams TRS MP Kavitha’s remark on J&K, Telangana

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published on:July 22, 2014 3:02 am

The Congress Monday took objection to TRS MP K Kavitha’s remarks that India should redraw the international boundaries in J&K, accepting that “few parts” are not “ours” and then move on and that J&K and Telangana were both forcefully annexed to the Indian Union after Independence.

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said while it was welcome that the TRS MP has exhibited a desire “to look at other parts of India and understand those areas”, “certain portions of her statement, both in respect of J&K and Telangana, are factually incorrect.” He said some portions of her statement “perhaps inadvertently casts serious doubts on the integrity and legitimacy of the Indian Union.”

Kavitha’s remarks came at The Indian Express Idea Exchange programme. Asserting that she feels strongly about J&K, she had said India should come clean on the state. “Few parts were not ours, we should agree, we should redraw the international lines and move on,” she had said.

“…the princely state of Kashmir in its entirety is an integral invisible inalienable part of India, according to the then Accession Instrument of 1947… whatever parts are held by Pakistan physically are illegally occupied and therefore, “few parts were not ours is not a correct statement either of history or of facts or of politics and it is important to clarify these things because foreign leaders, foreign institutions, foreign bodies reading such statements by elected representatives of India in the Lok Sabha are liable to misunderstand, misquote it and alter India’s stated established invariable position for decades,” Singhvi said.

Referring to Kavitha’s observations that J&K and Telangana were both forcefully annexed to India, he said “it is unfortunate and obviously not correct to lump or club such desperate situations together in general statement”.

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