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Congress hails Kejriwal for exposing Modi’s devp ‘myth’ in Gujarat

Tharoor seconded Kejriwal's claims saying the situation in Gujarat is 'utterly condemnable'.

New Delhi | Updated: March 6, 2014 9:36 pm

Congress on Thursday hailed AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal’s tour of Gujarat contending that there is another voice in the country exposing the “deficiencies” and development “myth” of Narendra Modi.

“If AAP, a voice other than Congress has been showing the deficiencies of Gujarat, exposing hype and myth of Gujarat. We welcome that Kejriwal is going to villages of Gujarat…. Kejriwal is doing a job that media should also be doing. If Kejriwal is going there and finding out the truth of Modi’s’ claims, we completely welcome that,” party spokesperson Shashi Tharoor told reporters at the AICC meeting.

“…If Kejriwal’s antics have helped draw the attention, we welcome it. We welcome Indians being well-informed before casting their votes. We want the Indian voter to be aware of the reality,” he said.

The party, however, condemned the clashes between BJP and AAP workers on Wednesday saying it is a case of “politics of violence” countering the “forces of anarchy”.

“It was a revelation to the nation about the kind of alternative politics that is being talked about,” the Union Minister said.

AAP workers had fought pitched battles with BJP activists outside the saffron party headquarters in Delhi and Lucknow hours after party leader Arvind Kejriwal was detained briefly in Gujarat.

Kejriwal, who set out on a four-day tour of Gujarat on Wednesday, alleged there is no evidence of “development” in the state as claimed by its Chief Minister and BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Modi, and people there are unhappy. Tharoor seconded Kejriwal’s claims saying the situation in Gujarat is “utterly condemnable”.

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  1. S
    Mar 7, 2014 at 2:10 pm
    I think Congress is playing the same tested game during Morarji Desai Regime. By hook or by crook they want to win this election and Kejriwal is a weapon this time. We know every one has some gray shade, but Congress has a dark black face which is unidentifiable. In this political Election War no one will win but everyone will get his share.I am a die heart AAP supporter, but this is not the way to check the development what Kejriwal done. it is not a good politics. We need to remove Corruption means we have to remove Congress this time... Next time we will clean swip BJP and make sure these 2 parties will not alive. Do AAP have guts to do it now?
    1. Rashmikant Shah
      Mar 6, 2014 at 2:40 pm
      The link between Kejariwal and Congress is exposed