CEC rejects differences at the top in the Election Commission

Chief Election Commissioner V.S. Sampath at a press conference over poll controversy in New Delhi. (PTI) Chief Election Commissioner V.S. Sampath at a press conference over poll controversy in New Delhi. (PTI)

Under attack over handling high-profile Varanasi constituency, the Election Commission  on day rejected any differences at the top as sought to be suggested by EC H S Brahma and dismissed the BJP charge that it was timid and weak in taking decisions.

The Commission also rejected any bias in allowing roadshow by Rahul Gandhi and UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav but denying permission for Narendra Modi to address a public meeting in his constituency from a venue of BJP’s choice on Wednesday in a communally sensitive area.

In an interview to PTI, Chief Election Commissioner V S Sampath pointed out that Brahma is also party to all the  decisions and any attack on the Commission applied to all of them.

He strongly defended the decision of the Returning Officer of Varanasi and ruled out his removal from the  constituency which will witness polling on Monday.

He  dismissed allegations of partisan approach in quickly  ordering  filing a complaint against Modi in Gandhinagar while seeking a report in case of Rahul Gandhi for alleged violation of voting secrecy in Amethi.

“The top leadership comprising  all three Commissioners functions, acts as a team and it is discharging its constitutional responsibilities with firmness and with the required promptitude.

“We also strongly deny that there are any differences among ourselves. All decisions, including in this issue relating to Varanasi meeting venue, all decisions have been taken only unanimously.

“We have no difference whatsoever. In fact, the decisions we have taken about Varanasi, the full Commission held  a press conference on May 8 in which all these decisions were explained to the entire media.

The BJP, including its Prime Ministerial candidate Modi, had launched an all out attack on the EC over denial of permission to hold a public meeting in Beniyabagh in Varanasi, which was refused citing security concerns.

Sampath said the Commission acted with full alacrity and after verifying ground realities from district administration, which were further got verified at the level of Chief  Secretary and DGP, a suitable reply was also given.

All this exercise was done from mid day on May 7 and there was no delay in either taking the decision or conveying it, he said.

Asked about Brahma’s statement in media interactions yesterday about delays in conveying the decision on denial of permission to Modi and whether there was need for him to go  public about it, he said “this is a question which you should ask him only.

“But as far as I am concerned, my relations with him have been excellent. We have been attending Commission meetings two days in a week as a full Commission. During elections, we sit  almost everyday. We had a Commission meeting today also.

“I can tell you we never have any disagreement which cannot be sorted out by discussion. We always discuss, we …continued »