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CD row: H D Kumaraswamy turns emotional in Assembly

By: Press Trust of India | Bangalore | Published on:July 9, 2014 5:46 pm

Turning emotional in Karnataka Assembly over an audio CD on the cash-for-MLC seat controversy involving him, JDS leader and former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy on Wednesday offered to face any probe into the issue and said he was ready to go to jail if he was guilty.

Raising the issue during the debate on revenue related matters, Kumaraswamy maintained that he had committed no crime and had only spoken about the falling standards of politics, which has landed him in a major political row.

“I am ready to face any kind of probe. I am ready to go tojail,” said an emotional Kumaraswamy who, in the CD clips played by TV channels, purportedly told supporters of MLC seat aspirant Vijugowda Patil, a JDS leader from Bijapur district, about the demand for money from his party MLAs.

“40 people (JDS MLAs) are asking for 40 crore… This is my fate,” Kumaraswamy is heard saying.

The JDS leader also said, “I am also ready for a debate on the the issue on the floor of the House.”

Ever since the controversy exploded in his face, Kumaraswamy has maintained that no transaction had taken place and he was being portrayed as if he was a “villain” and had committed “a sin”.

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