‘BJP broke world record in corruption here’

The BJP established a world record in corruption during its tenure in Karnataka between 2008 and 2013, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said here Monday while campaigning for Congress candidates in the city — Nandan Nilekani, Rizwan Arshad and C Narayanaswamy.

“We spoke of developing Information Technology, but the BJP broke a world record in corruption in Karnataka with their loot of Rs 1 lakh crore in mining,” Rahul said.

“The difference between us and the BJP is that they feel that this country is only about two or three people, the rich and the powerful. They do not want the poor in their growth plans. We work for the poor, we want a partnership between industry and the poor. Industries must progress and the poor should progress, it should go hand in hand,’’ he said.

Rahul said his party intended to provide the right to health and shelter to the poor if elected to add to the guarantee of work provided under the NREGA, the right to food, and the land acquisition protections. “We don’t want to make people angry. We want to partner people. We want to work with industry in partnership,” Rahul said.\

The Congress efforts over the last decade lifted 15 crore people out of poverty and the aim is to bring as many as 70 crore into the middle class.

He claimed that the Kolkata-Delhi-Mumbai-Chennai-Bangalore infrastructure corridor proposed by the UPA has the potential to create lakhs of jobs. “You provide the world with its computer software, we want you to provide the hardware as well. We want that in five to 10 years, there are electronic products in the world that are made in India,’’ he said.